szerda, március 01, 2017

hello march... where did february go???

Well I managed to drop the ball didn't I last month!  Where on earth did the time go? Where did the month disappear to??

I can't believe it is the first day of March already!

Anyways, astonishment aside... I have been busy... stitching... I just sort of forgot to come and post over here!

Let's just jump right in and start...  first of all tusal... the new moon was on the 27th so here is my Feb ort jar - all nice and full, as well as the year to date...

I've also been working on my Sunday SAL with Edith... and have been making some nice progress each week.  Here is Veronica with progress as of Feb 26

Being good, I haven't started any new projects just yet, though I will admit I do have several new starts planned... however, not just yet...  One I will start working on this month, but that is a commission work, so that I have to.  Here are my wips that I worked on through the month of February... 

Summer Bouquet by Lanarte, I made a little more progress on it since the picture in my last post...

Then Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden

and finally I worked on Long Dog's Death by Cross Stitch... I do have a little more done since this picture was taken, but not enough to warrant a new photo.

I also managed to finish off a crocheted blanket... stroller size... not quite sure who will get it, but I made it... I actually finished the blanket itself in January, but ran out of the purple yarn for the border... it just took me forever to get more! But I finally did, and here it is...

That's all I've got... I'm hoping that this month will be much better than February... it was a total bust for me in other aspects as well, not just blogging... the only thing that kept me sane was my stitching... and as you can see, I did lots of that!

Till next time.... happy stitching!

3 megjegyzés:

Marilyn írta...

All great projects.
I love Summer Bouquet, so very pretty.
You are brave, stitching Death by Cross Stitch. :)

CathieJ írta...

You have some very pretty projects in progress. I love summer bouquet.

Maria írta...

Jesus pela sua dolorosa paixão tem misericórdia de minha família e a do mundo inteiro