kedd, január 03, 2006

Some more late night blogging...

Once again its late, and the house is very quiet and asleep except for me... Its extra quiet tonight, as my brother and his family are staying with my other brother this week,s back to the three of us...

First of all Happy New Year to everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and an even better New Year celebration! I know we were busy!!! As I mentioned in my previous post my brother's family was here for the holidays and it was the best gift ever, getting to spend Christmas eve with them, and then Christmas morning with the girls. It was fun and very special. Dinner on Christmas day was wonderful too. The whole family was together and it was a fun and relaxed night where everyone had a good time - its been a while since we've had such relaxed family dinners...

Then on the 28th we had a huge party, where we were able to spend some time with our friends, some of whom we haven't been able to see very often lately, and it was good to be able to spend some time (as little as it was) with them. Its funny how you can be in contact with people - be it either phone, or email, but you just don't realize how much you miss them or how much their friendship means until you are actually face to face with them... We all get so wrapped up in our lives that sometimes we just forget to take time for ourselves to be with just our friends, so here's to you all - I love you all and thank you for being there for me! I would also like to take time to thank my internet friends as well, though we may have never met in person, you may not have known it but you all have been great and supportive too, so thank you as well for just being there!!

New Year's, well we won't go there... let's just say I hate it! As much as I love Christmas I hate New Year's... Its not the partying, or the working etc (since we "volunteered" to help out at our community center's dinner) its the actually moment that the clock hits midnight that I hate. I'm not so sure as to why, but I do. Its not becuase mom isn't with us anymore to celebrate, becuase I hated it even when she was still alive. Her being gone, just makes it that much worse. I'm fine before the clock strikes 12 and a little bit after, but for those few minutes when the clock hits midnight, I just can't stand it! Of course I cry and not just a little, but straight out bawling. But anyways I've survived another year, and this year was great becuase even though I was "working" throughout the evevning, I was able to celebrate that changing of the years with the people that mean the most to me, my family and my friends. A few were missing, but they were with us in spirit.

I have a few other things to be thankful for too (other than my wonderful friends, and family) but I'm so glad that my kitty got better. Our kitty was sick the week before Christmas and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her - neither could the vet. She was poked and proded and completely examined, including bloodwork, but everything came back normal... she wasn't eating, drinking or going to the litter box, she was just a lump and was hiding in all the weirdest places, and if anyone who has ever been owned by a kitty knows that they only hide like that for one of two reasons - their pregnant, or they are going to die... well there is no way our kitty could be pregnant, as she hasn't been a "girl" for quite some time, and she has never been around another kitty. Anyways, the Saturday before Christmas, the three of us were so worried and thought for sure we wouldn't have a kitty for Christmas anymore (that is how bad she was), but she slowly got rid of what ever was ailing her, and slowly started eating more and even drinking - becuase for a while she would eat but not drink - and even finally using the litter box! Anyways, she is almost back to her old self again - hissing at other family members and meowing to be heard and the best of all head butting you while purring like crazy! She has even joined us in bed in her usual spot between the pillows!! The only thing she has to do still to be 100% is to meet us at the door when we get home... but that will come too. I'm just so glad to have my kitty back!

Before I head off to bed, I would like to share my family photo with you... its not the best, but with that many people its hard to catch them all in the best possible pose... here we all are - warts and all

Goodnight, and I hope everyone has a very wonderful and successful 2006!!!!

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