szerda, július 01, 2015

Happy 148!

Happy 148th birthday Canada!!!
Happy Canada day to everyone!!!

happy dancing....

I have a happy dance!  It seems like it has been such a long time since I've had a stitchy one! 

I finished The Beekeeper by Plum Street Samplers, stitched on 32 ct chocolate milk jobelan by Hand Dyed by Stephanie, using the called for weeks threads, one thread over 2.

It was such a lovely stitch, and I just adore the way it turned out!  Thank you to Paulette for designing such a great piece!

hétfő, június 22, 2015

catch up mash up

I've got so much to catch up on!  Here I said I would try and be a better blogger, but I just keep getting worse!  but I won't fill the page with excuses, I'll just jump straight into catching up...


I owe two... one for May and one for June.  I have the pictures, but as you noticed I didn't post... so here they are:


and June:

As you can see lots of red and white in there!  I was working on a custom commissioned piece of a company logo for a friend and boy there was a lot of frogging before I got it right! 

Here it is finished...  Just needs a bath, an iron and then we have to frame it and it is off to its new owner.

I have 2 more custom/commissioned pieces to do and then that is it for a while... deadlines and I don't mix... though they have all been very generous in regards to the time frame.

I also finished off my nephew's blanket...  so I have at least one Christmas gift all done and ready to go!

Since I have some of that yarn left, I started another baby/stroller blanket... not sure for who yet, just sort of making it....

I've also been stitching other things here and there... since today is Monday, it is also time to show of Cornwall Cottage!  I haven't been stitching on it regularly every Sunday, but I have pulled it out here and there and made some progress... not the best picture, I took it quick with my phone.

I also have a progress picture on my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by Sue Hillis...  Such a fun stitch... I haven't stitched the flowers yet as I am not sure what colour I want them... if I follow the pattern or pick something different...

And last but not least, here is my May portion of the 2015 calendar SAL by Palko.  I have June's square all ready to go, I just need to pick a colour.

 And that is it... till next time... happy stitching!

hétfő, május 11, 2015


I'm here, I'm here!  I've been busy stitching, crocheting and with life in general, but I will admit... I've been lazy to post to my blog....I've become a very bad blogger of late, and I'm not liking that... I'm hoping to change this, so please bear with me!
I have been working on the Sunday SAL with Barbi and Linda... poor Linda must think I've deserted them!  But as I've said I just haven't posted... I was able to get some stitching in both on the 19th of April and the 3rd of May... nothing on the 26th of April as we were out of town, and no stitching at all yesterday either.
Here is where I am with my progress... almost ready to turn another corner with the inside border.

As I mentioned above, we were out of town the weekend of the 24-26 and I took my crochet with me... I started a brand new blanket on our road trip, and this is the progress I made while we were gone.

this is where it stands now...

It will eventually be a blanket for my nephew, hopefully for Christmas...this is only one panel, and since he is much taller than me, I need to still make it a bit longer before I start the second panel.
I also started another new project... I know what else is new... it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by Sue Hillis... I'm doing the version of the project, where it is all stitched as one long word...

I am also doing it as more of a monochrome... as seen on one of my stitching groups on facebook that I am a part of. 

Here is my progress so far...

I'm using 32ct Frozen Margarita jobelan by Under the Sea fabrics, and GAST Pine and Nina's Thread in Green Mold so far...

That's it for now... till next time.... happy stitching

vasárnap, április 19, 2015

ort report and this week's wips...

Well on Tuesday I managed to finish off the block I was working on the Home Sweet Home 2013 SAL by Grilles du Maryse.... here are all 6 blocks I've done so far... 3 more to go.

Once I had that done, I pulled out another SAL that I joined earlier this year... a monthly calendar and verse by Palko of Palko-lap

I've managed to catch up this week with all the months I was behind with as well as the text.

Here is my progress so far...

It is stitched on 32ct Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan using a variety of different hand dyed threads...  So far I 've used Nina's threads, Weeks, and Crescent Colours... The text itself is DMC.

I also started another little crochet blanket... I've got a few more rows done than what the picture shows, but not that many....

And last but not least, yesterday was the new moon, so time to show off our orts... Here is this month's jar...

Now it is time to relax and do some stitching!  It is Sunday so that means the sunday SAL on Cornwall cottage!

Till next time happy stitching!

hétfő, április 13, 2015

dancing and wips

Sorry that they are not the best pictures... but I finished off another baby blanket (stroller/car size) using a granny stripe pattern and a scalloped edge... I really love the look of both of these, they have become my favourite stitches (so far) that I have learned.

I've sent this off to Europe for my cousin's little girl, I really hope they like it!  I'm planning on giving the other one I finished away as well, I just haven't decided on who will get it, and I'm already in the process of making another one. However I forgot to take a picture of that one.

I also started a new stitching project, when I finished off my Freedom blackwork project... I started Plum Street Sampler's The Beekeeper and I've been working on it for the last couple of weeks...  here is where I left off....

the border and the lady to go!  However I have put it aside and pulled out a different wip tonight... I started the next block on my Home Sweet Home 2013 SAL b Les Grilles du Maryse

made pretty good progress on it tonight... I finished all but the middle of the block.  That will be for tomorrow...
Till next time... happy stitching!

sunday sal

I'm a bit behind in posting!

I totally didn't feel like posting last week, but I did stitch on our SAL over the Easter long weekend. I think I managed to get lots done....

Here is the progress picture from last week... again blogger is messing with me as I uploaded my picture the right way up....

And then the progress from yesterday... not much, but I got that big motif done!

looking forward to working on it next weekend!

kedd, március 24, 2015


Wow, 3 posts in one day!!! I guess I should post more often, instead of trying to catch up all at once!!

I have a couple of little happy dances to share, one from last week, and one from last night.

I finished my first crochet project for this year... I made a little stroller blanket... it's about 30x36 inches big...  the plan is to send it to my cousin for her little girl, but I'm working on another one right now and if I can finish it in time, I'll send her that one instead.

My other happy dance that I finished off last night is my Freedom SAL by Seba designs. 
It was a free pattern, but has since been released as a pattern available to buy by the designer, and the neat thing about it is, is that you get the border design, and all the filling patterns, but you get to fill the boxes in the way you want with the designs you choose.

Here is my version.  I added some beads for some extra bling

I stitched it on 32ct ivory jobelan, using DMC 3799 for the border, and one strand of Waterlilies Cherry for the filling stitches. Not sure of the mill hill bead number, but it matches the thread nicely, a nice deep cherry/burgundy colour

Till next time.... happy stitching

Sunday SAL

I totally forgot to post my progress on Cornwall Cottage, our Sunday SAL with Barbi and Linda, last week!

I kept saying, "oh I'll do it tomorrow, I'll do it later" and what do you know another week has gone by! I didn't even get to stitch on it this week, so I can only show last week's progress...

Again blogger is acting up, as it has rotated my picture sideways, when I already fixed it so it was the right way up before uploading...
I am really enjoying this piece, and missed stitching on it Sunday... but I will admit, I am getting anxious about the thread... I am trying to be frugal, but I still feel like I won't have enough of certain colours... the red in particular is what is bugging me... I'm going to do all the border first, that way if I have to get more for the middle, it won't be as obvious if there is a dye lot difference.

ort report

I 'm a little late in posting my ort report, but we have been super busy the last few days...

I finally managed to take a picture of my ort jar, and I will admit, I am a bit embarrassed to show off such a lousy picture... the ort jar is full, just my photo taking skills are lacking...  I took the picture with my phone, and totally forgot to clean the lens so it is very blurry from all the fingerprints all over it...

I had already dumped the orts into my big jar before I noticed how blurry the picture was, so I couldn't even retake the darn thing...

But as you can see, lots of ort... I managed to get lots of stitching done in the last month, including 2, almost 3 happy dances!

szerda, március 11, 2015


I did absolutely no stitching between this past Friday and Monday, with the exception of a whole 4 stitches on Saturday... not something you can call progress...

So I did no stitching on my Conrwall Cottage SAL with Barbi and Linda... Hopefully this Sunday I will be able to get some much needed stitching time on it.

I did however, have a happy dance last night!  I finished off my Winter Patchwork, by Jardin Prive.  It is stitched on 32ct. jobelan, using the called for DMC threads.  It was a fun stitch!  I'm looking forward to the other two I have in the series - Spring and Summer.

Just a short little post... so till next time... happy stitching!

hétfő, március 02, 2015

happy dance and sunday sal

I finally have my first finish for 2015!  La-D-Da's  Harvest House on 32ct jurrasic sands jobelan by crafty kitten, using GAST - apple cider, cherry bark, WDW - bullfrog, and Nina's threads - old gold and onyx.

It was quite an enjoyable stitch, and went relatively quickly. Now to move onto some other wips to finish them up!

However before I do that... here is my progress for my Sunday SAL with Barbi and Linda on Cornwall Cottage:

Not the best picture, but I've almost got the whole bottom part done!  Looking forward to moving upwards come next Sunday!

Till next time... happy stitching!

hétfő, február 23, 2015

sunday sal

Absolutely no stitching was done all last week!  The only stitching I managed to get in was my Sunday stitching on Cornwall Cottage... such a pleasure to work on!

Here is my progress from yesterday...

Looking forward to see how Linda and Barbi did with their progress yesterday!  Not sure what I'm going to stitch on this week, so stay tuned!

Till next time... happy stitching!

szerda, február 18, 2015

tusal time

here is this month's ort jar... very nice and full... however there is a reason it is so full...  Yes I did get lots of stitching in, but that darn frog was here for the whole month, and everything I touched, I had to frog and re stitch...So that in itself generated lots and lots of orts...

hopefully I have finally kicked that thing to the curb, and won't have as many problems in the next little while!

Till next time...happy stitching!