vasárnap, március 30, 2014

catching up...and ort report

Let's start with the ort report... here is my jar for this month.  Lots in there but I really didn't stitch as much as I would have liked. Still I managed to get lots done...
I don't have any pictures of Humbolt Coast to show, as I haven't had time to work on it on Sundays lately... the same thing for today... I haven't had a chance yet to sit down and stitch...
However I have been working on other things... I pulled out my cardinal sampler and managed to get a nice chunk done on it....
I then pulled out the Home Sweet Home piece by Les Grilles de Maryse, and managed to finish off the 3 block as well as more of the border... 

Please excuse the picture, blogger would only upload it sideways, no matter how many times I tried... which is strange as it is right side up on my computer...

I also started a new project... it's the historical map of Hungary done in folk motifs, and it will be a birthday gift for my husband at the end of April.

It is from a Hungarian cross stitch magazine - Keresztszemes magazine.  It is originally made into a clock, but I'm just making it into a picture that will eventually be framed.

And last but  not least... I am learning to crochet...Here is my second attempt, the first you may have seen on facebook... definitely not as nice as this one, though there is plenty of room for improvement still!

That's it for me... till next time happy stitching!

hétfő, március 10, 2014

another week gone by...

I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often or more regularly, and seeing that it is Monday, and yesterday was Humbolt Coast stitching time, I thought I would give an update.
Here is my progress... not much to show, but I didn't stitch too much yesterday, I kept falling asleep!

Since I was so tired, thanks to a late night and the time change, I didn't notice that the frog struck, and I made a mistake in my stitching... I totally stitched that tree on the left in the wrong spot... so that will have to come out before I continue...
Last week, I started a new project, Red Riding Hood by The Primitive Hare... here is my progress so far...
I changed a couple of colours... I am using straight DMC for this... I changed the red from DMC 347 to DMC 815, as I prefer darker reds,  and the skirt colour from a blend to DMC 3781 - on my screen it looks closer to what the GAST thread looks like.
That's it for now... till next time happy stitching!

hétfő, március 03, 2014

sunday sal report

just a quick drive by posting to update you all on my progress on Humbolt Coast.  I have finished another page!  Only 2 and a little to go.  But those two are very full pages!  I think Barbi had the right idea to finish that side of the project first, and leave the "smaller" pages for the end! 

Oh well, that's okay. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are one more Sunday closer to finishing, and picking out a new project to work on!  How exciting!!!  I wonder what it will be?!

I started a new project Saturday, as I finished the second block on the Home Sweet Home pattern...

Here is my progress on both...

My new project is Red Riding Hood by The Primitive Hare, and as you can see I started with the wolf.  I thought I would give Anchor black thread a try as I had a few skeins in my stash.  A lot of people say its better than DMC black... well I'm not sure... I'm not liking the coverage very much, but I'll just continue, as I'm not going to frog all that... hopefully when I give it a rinse when its done, it will help.

szombat, március 01, 2014

tusal time...

My jar is quite full again this month. I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done, as you can see from my last post.  All the ecru/white looking thread on the top is from the Home Sweet Home pattern. I finished up the first block, and have moved on to the second one - right next to it on the top row.  It's almost done too, and I will hopefully have it done today.

till next time... happy stitching!

csütörtök, február 27, 2014

popping in to say hi!

Sorry, I know it's been a while, but I just haven't been in the mood to blog... not even reading that much... I've been in the mood to stitch, so that is good, I just miss visiting all of you, and seeing what you all have been up to!

I'll also admit, that I have tried to update a couple of times during the month, but blogger was being such a pain that I just gave up.  But regardless of how it's working today, I'm going to post!

I have wips to show, a new start as well as a happy dance!

Let's start with the happy dance...  many of you may have already seen it on facebook, but I want to show it off here too...

Midnight Watch by Blackbird designs.  Stitched on 28ct Jurassic sands jazlyn by the crafty kitten. Great fabric! I'm definitely going to order more, as I still have the companion piece to stitch up!

As you can see I did modify it a little, as I didn't want my initials or date on the bottom... I think it turned out ok, and I will admit, my favourite part to stitch was the moon and the kitty!

Next up are my wips...  I pulled out Humbolt Coast this past Sunday after not working on it for a couple of weeks...  here I am with it...

I apologize for the sideways picture, but no matter how I tried to fix it, blogger would only upload it this way... only a couple of pages left to do and its done!

It was also sunflower bouquet's turn in the spotlight, so that one got some love, and here I am with it...

And last but not least, I started a new project on Monday... it is the home sweet home sal 2013 pattern by Les Grilles de Maryse. I'm stitching it on 32ct mulled cider jobelan by Hand Dyed by Stephanie, and using dmc ecru.  I'm really enjoying it so far.

That's it for now... till next time happy stitching!

szombat, február 01, 2014

tusal, wips and another happy dance...

I'm a bit late in posting my tusal... I was supposed to post this on Thursday but didn't get the chance till now.

Here is my ort jar for January... quite full...

 I managed to get lots and lots of stitching time in. I  started two new projects, had three happy dances and made progress on my wips too. I was quite surprised myself at how much thread was in there... it is neat to look at the layers and think of the projects they came from!  the bottom reds and greens from the cardinal sampler, the oranges from the autumn patchwork, all the greys from winter blackwork, then greens and whites from humbolt coast, the reds and sparklies from Poppy and what you can't see is the purples and gold from my tulips...

It will be interesting to see what February brings!

next up my happy dance and newest wip...

I managed to finish Poppy by Nora Corbett last Sunday (the 26) but am just posting her here now... I'm sure many of you have already seen her on facebook, but here she is again, as I just love her!

She is stitched with all the recommended colours on Sudden Storm 28ct jazlyn by silkweaver.  It's going to be tough to pick which Mira/Nora Corbertt pattern to stitch next, as I love so many... I do love the pixes as they are so much faster to stitch up then the big ladies, but those ladies are soo beautiful and so many are calling my name! Both pixies and ladies!

Last but not least my newest wip... I decided to jump in and start the tulip SAL I posted about in my last post.  I am stitching it over one... something I haven't done in a while, on 28ct pearl linen using the following threads:  GAST simply shaker harvest basket and baby spinach, crescent colours sugared violets, Nina's threads in eggplant and dmc 3790

I actually got a bit farther than this, as I had the word tulipan written in the centre all finished as well, but since I changed the writing from the original pattern I miss counted an it ended up being off centred so I had to take it out and will have to redo it next time...

Next up in the rotation will be humbolt coast tomorrow, and then blackbird designs midnight watch for next week's stitching time.

That's all for now... so till next time happy stitching!

hétfő, január 20, 2014

dancing the two step...

As I mentioned in my previous post I was off sick from work with bronchitis, and those three days I mentioned turned into a week and half... today was my first day back since Jan 7th... Thanks to being off, I managed to get lots of stitching time in, between naps and snuggles with the kitties of course... so I managed to finish another project!  Here is my second happy dance of 2014...

This is Winter blackwork from issue 66 of Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading magazine. She is stitched on 32ct Queen Anne's lace jobelan with dmc 844. I apologize if you have seen her all over facebook, but  I just love her to bits, and am both happy and sad that she is done.  She was on my want to stitch list for such a long time!

I also forgot to show Humbolt Coast last week, so here is my progress on that one...  it's coming along slowly... but we are getting closer and closer to the finish line with it!  Soon Barbi and I will have to pick a new project for our Sunday SAL!

Next up in the qsnaps and rotation for this week is Poppy! 

I also would like to mention that I am still looking for Sofie to email me from my giveaway... as she doesn't have an email attached to her profile!

till next time... happy stitching!

vasárnap, január 12, 2014

first finish of the year...

I have my first finish for the year! However, before I show it off I would like to let everyone know of a free SAL that are going on, on Facebook... which I am contemplating on doing sometime this year.

It is made of traditional Hungarian folk motifs, and the colours are so pretty and springy! Perfect to look at, and stitch with all this snow, and still being in the grips of winter and the cold.

It starts officially tomorrow, but I know I will definitely be joining in a little later.  It's pretty all in one, but the various motifs are perfect on their own as well for pinkeeps, ornaments, etc.  So many possibilities with this one.

You can find the facebook page here (click). You will be able to get the pattern here (click) on the host's blog.  The pattern will be available in various languages, including English.  While most of the chat on the facebook page is in Hungarian, please don't let that stop you from joining!  The host does know English, and there are others there who speak English as well.

Now on to my finish... in my last post I mentioned that I was starting a SAL with some online friends for the seasonal patchwork designs by Jardin Prive.... they were on autumn, so that is where I jumped in... Thanks to having bronchitis, and being home from work for 3 days last week, I had plenty of time to stitch in between naps, coughing and tea!  I managed to both start and finish the autumn one.

Here it is!

I stitched it on 32ct ivory joblean, using the called for DMC colours. Started on Jan 6, finished Jan 10, 2014.  I really enjoyed stitching it, the colours are so bright and happy, perfect for when you are feeling under the weather!  Winter is up next, and I am looking forward to it, but for now it's back to business and back to my rotation.

Till next time... happy stitching!

edited to add where you can get the pattern for the SAL

szombat, január 11, 2014

we have winners...

Four people entered into my giveaway for three prizes... so I started thinking, in that I didn't want anyone to be left out, so I found another shepherd's bush pattern so that everyone gets one!

The fourth prize is:  Shepherd's Bush Hold Hope

So the winners are as per my husband pulling names:

1. Helen wins Hold Hope
2.Sofie wins Scatter Eggs
3. Marilyn wins Scatter Hearts
4 Jo win She Tends

I've sent emails out to get your mailing addresses.  Sofie I need your email, as it wasn't in your profile.

Thanks for playing and congratulations to everyone!

hétfő, január 06, 2014

back to the rotation...

As you know I started a new project on New Year's day - the Cardinal Sampler in the Nov/Dec 1994 issue of CS & CC.  This is my progress after 4 stitching sessions...

And considering how much backstitching there is on this project, I am quite enjoying it!  However, it's back to business and the business of rotations as I have a number of other projects screaming at me to stitch them!

Since we are back in business, and yesterday was Sunday, it was time to pull out Humbolt Coast, which sad to say hasn't seen any stitchy time since October!  Here are my "before and after" pictures...

 I am also going to reorganize my rotation a little, in that I am putting the houses on hold for a little bit longer, as I want to join in on an ongoing SAL with some stitchy friends... they are working on the 4 season patchwork from Jardin Prive.... they are ahead of me, in that they already have spring and summer finished and are half way through autumn... so I definitely have catching up to do... I am jumping in with autumn to start this week...  we will see how far I get, as I haven't even picked fabric or pulled any threads!

Till next time happy stitching!!!