kedd, október 28, 2014

ort report

I'm late, I'm late, for a very special date...  I'm here! I've made it! I'm here to post my ort report for this month... the new moon was Oct 23, I did manage to take the picture at the right time, just not post it.

Lots of dark coloured threads from my two recent happy dances that I shared in my last post, as well as some more dark threads from my current new wip... Soffia by AAN

My current wips were not calling my name, so I started something new. I'm enjoying it so far, I am stitching it on 32ct silvermist jobelan by Stephanie using Nina's threads.  I am planning on using beads for all the French knots in the piece.

other than that, I've got one more happy dance to share, this time a crochet one... I finished off another blanket, this time for my littlest great nephew... when he saw me making my purple one, he said he would like one too... and he picked cookie monster blue for his...
and since he gets a blanket, I can't leave his big brother out, so that is my newest crochet wip...  a blanket for him in his favourite colour - orange crush...
As you probably guessed, the two blankets will be mirror images of each other, so this one will have  the blue border.
That's it for now... till next time, happy stitching!

szombat, október 18, 2014

busy few weeks

We've had a busy few weeks since my last post, including a fantastic holiday with some of our friends to New Orleans.

Before I show a few of my favourite pictures from the trip, I thought I would share a couple of happy dances! I finished off the flowers in red, white and black by Handblessing designs, but I am going to stitch it again for myself, as this one ended up being a gift.

I stitched it on 28ct ivory jobelan, using DMC 815, 310 and mill hill beads.

I also finished Salem Remembered by the Primitive Needle. I can hardly wait to get this one framed.
It is stitched on 28ct sandcastle jobelan by wichelt, using dmc 815, 730, and 3781

Now onto the trip!  We went for a week, and had an amazing time.  We saw so much and did so much that it would be impossible to show you all the pictures we took... if you are facebook friends with me, then you saw a bunch there already.  These are just a couple of my favourite ones...

My hubby and I on the porch swing at the house we rented...

City Park, sculpture garden

St Louis cemetery No. 3

Swamp tour... it was so peaceful and tranquil... one of the best things we did on the trip...

Plantation tours... we went to three different plantations... each one beautiful , but so different and yet the same.  These were also my favourite places to go... the oak trees were absolutely amazing... they definitely take a person's breath away with their beauty and size!

the French Quarter... we were there several  times, we even went to Bourbon Street to few jazz bars on our first night... not my cup of tea, but at least I can say I did it. the buildings and the architecture is what took our breath away...

now onto more needlework things... we found needle work in the strangest places...  We went to the NASA assembly centre, they have a tour and a science centre to check things out... very neat place to go, but not one you expect to find a lot of needlework... guess again!  There was a whole wall set up with a few hundred squares of stitched pieces of various space themed topics...  It was so cool to look at!

this is just a sampling of all the squares they had displayed!  The way the walls were curved, you couldn't get a good shot of the whole thing to show how many there actually was!

As I mentioned we went on a few plantation tours, and of course you would expect to find needlework there... and we were not disappointed!  Here are just a couple of pictures that we saw displayed at Houmas House Plantation...

The stitching was absolutely beautiful... and the frames... oh my... I just love them!

Being the crazy needlework lover that I am, and having friends that know and understand this obsession of mine... they were kind enough to go with me to two different LNS's...  What a treat!  The funny thing is that I think the other girls did more shopping in the stores than I did! 

The first one we went to was the Quarter Stitch located in the French Quarter, just off Jackson square... what a lovely shop!  It is mainly a knitting/crochet/needlepoint shop with all sorts of beautiful yarns and canvases, but they also had a little bit of cross stitch... it was super fun looking around...

We also went to Accents Inc, on our last day, which is a strictly cross stitch and framing shop.  Great selection, the models on the wall were great, and the two ladies in the store were very helpful and oh so sweet!  Love the wall of fabric they had!


That's it for now... hope you enjoyed checking out bits of our trip.  As I said, we had an amazing time.

Till next time... happy stitching!

csütörtök, szeptember 25, 2014


sooo where have I been... I've been here and there... just haven't had any mojo to blog... not just post on my own but to actually read any that I follow!

But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

I owe an ort report from August... not much stitching was going on for that month... a little but definitely not as much as normal for me.

However, I did crochet a bunch...I finished my first ever crochet blanket! 

Not sure what I'm going to do with it... keep it for myself or give it to someone for Christmas... we'll see...

I also started my second blanket, which will definitely be a Christmas gift for one of my great-nephews.

Now on to September!  here is my ort report for this month... just a little late - a few days... much better than last month! Also a much better looking ort jar!  I have many many more orts in it this time around!

I've been doing some stitching and even have a couple of happy dances to show!

First up is Moon Garden by Blackbird Designs...

Stitched on 32ct stone dark belfast linen by Nina's Threads, and the threads used are DMC 712 and Nina's threads in eggplant, lavender, green mold, and spring grass.
My other finish is Red Riding Hood by The Primitive Hare

stitched on 32ct pearl gray belfast linen with DMC and Anchor threads

I really enjoyed both pieces and am very happy they are done!

I also have a new wip to add to my pile of projects on the go...

It is flowers in red black and white (I believe that is the title) by Handblessings designs. I'm stitching with DMC black and 815 on 28ct ivory jobelan.  The stitches seem so huge after stitching on 32ct.

kedd, július 29, 2014

ort report

I'm a little late in posting... but here is my ort report... not as many orts as usual, but a pretty decent amount, considering I didn't do all that much stitching compared to normal.

I worked a little bit on Primitive Hare's Red Riding Hood, and started working on a custom order for a friend... who asked me to stitch up their company logo... hence why there is really only red and black in the jar!

And my progress on Red Riding Hood...

I won't show the logo just yet... I'm close to finishing, I'm just stuck on one part in the design process... not sure how these wonderful designers do it, but I'm glad I don't have to on a regular basis! 

kedd, július 01, 2014

ort report and catching up

First off happy July 1st!  Living in Canada, that means it is Canada day, or Canada's birthday!
Happy 147th birthday Canada!

Next off is June's ort report!  I took the picture in time, I just didn't get a chance to upload it on time, but here it is, all nice and full!

I have been busy stitching away... I worked on my Summer Bouquet by Lanarte

I also finished another block on my Home Sweet Home piece by Les Grilles de Maryse

I've also put in some stitches into Red Riding Hood by The Primitive Hare

I actually have a bit more done, as I am not working n the border, but I didn't want to take it out of the qsnaps for a picture...

And the best of all, I managed to finally finish Humboldt Coast by Silver Lining

Barbi and I have already picked out our next Sunday SAL - Cornwall Cottage Sampler by Rosewood Manor.... we don't have anything set for it yet other than the pattern is picked.  We would love it if you would join us in stitching it! 

That's it for now... till next time... Happy stitching!

szerda, május 28, 2014

ort report, wips, dancing and a pay-it foward

I have a few things to show... I know I've been neglecting my blog lately, but as I've said before that doesn't mean I'm not stitching!

First of here is this month's ort report...

Nice and full!

I started a new project this month... Rosewood Manor's Autumn Quaker...  Here is where I am... I don't follow instructions all that well, so I started in the middle... not the top left corner...

I am loving the valdini threads that the pattern calls for... I can see more of those in my future!

I've also been plugging along on Humbolt coast... still not done, but each stitch is a step closer!  I've really lost my stitching mojo with this one... I just don't want to work on it anymore...but it's such a great piece, that it would be a shame not to finish it very soon!

I also have a finish/happy dance!  I finished this one last night... so it is hot off the qsnaps!
It's Cardinal Sampler from the 1994 Nov/Dec issue of BH&G CS&CC magazine...

Please excuse the picture.. I forgot to edit it before I uploaded it... *blush*

There is a ton of backstitch on this thing, literally everything is backstitched!  I added beads in the border for the holly berries so spruce things up a bit as well... I didn't want to add my initials or anything, so I just added the 2014 in the blank spaces.

And last but not least... I am having a pay-it-forward, give away... I was gifted the pattern for the Cardinal Sampler design by another stitcher - the pages are from the original magazine, so if you are interested in stitching this, please just leave a comment on this post, and I will pull a name if there is more than 1 person interested and send it off to you... My only request is that once you stitch it, you pay it forward as well.  I will take comments until Sunday night June 1st.

hétfő, április 28, 2014

ort report and coming up for air...

Yes, yes, yes, I am still here!  Just somehow my blogging mojo has gone out the window...  I'm still stitching, and now still crocheting... and yes I do have some progress pictures to show...

Okay they are not the best photos, but you will get the idea...

First off this month's ort report...

I did get stitching in, but not as much as I would have liked. I can't complain about it as I did make good progress on things, including a happy dance.

My happy dance was/is my map of Hungary... I finished it earlier this month, and just never showed you all a picture!  Some of you may have seen it on facebook.

It is from a Hungarian cross stitch magazine - Keresztszemes magazine, and is originally supposed to be a clock, however I made it into just a picture as a birthday gift for my husband.

Next up, I made a little more progress on the Cardinal Sampler...

It's coming a long nicely however too many distractions are keeping me from it... like looking at all the other things I would like to start stitching!

Barbi and I have decided that we would now make Humbolt coast our "focus" piece, so we can finally finish it.  We are both enjoying it, but are tired of it not being done.  We really want to get started on our next Sunday SAL pattern... Cornwall Sampler by Rosewood designs. So I have been working on Humbolt whenever I can in the last few weeks...

and last but not least... my crocheting... my second attempt and my first project... a blanket of some sort...

we'll see what it actually turns out to be once I decide it is actually done!