vasárnap, március 12, 2006

A day of pictures...

Not much going on, but I wanted to update my blog so this is what I came up with!

First off I saw this on one of the blogs I read (Christine's blog) and I thought it was cute so I thought I would do it here... here is my coffee cup challenge! Okay I don't drink coffee - or if I do then very rarely, but these are my mugs for tea...

Both are very special mugs to me - the ladybug one, well because I love and collect lady bugs, but also becuase of who gave it to me! It was given to me by one of my best friends and her father. She is just as ladybug crazy as I am, and so we have matching mugs! She got hers first in New York city with her dad, and then they got me one a little later one! The second one is my snowman mug - DH got it for me from Starbucks, and I just love it, its so unique and they don't have such neat mugs there anymore! I do have others, but these are the two that I actually use.

This is my kitty, and this was taken Saturday afternoon. She isn't very happy in the picture, one becuase DH is holding her (she doesn't like to be held), but also becuase the reason he is holding her! She has been not feeling well lately, and the vet prescribed some antibiotics for her to take, and this is just after getting her pill. She is getting better at faking swallowing, so we have to watch and make sure she actually does swallow the thing, and not just pretend and spit it out later.

The medication is working, let's just hope once she is off it she will be okay too, as this is round two, and after the first one her symptoms came back.

In stitching news,I have a stitching happy dance to report - I finished the little angel I was working on, that was supposed to be a quilt square and is now going to become something else entirely! I finished her Saturday night, and even managed to get a small start on her again for the actual quilt square! This time with washable threads! Here is my progress as from Sunday night - I only have the backstitch and the words left...

And one last picture to share... This is of DH and I from this afternoon. Not very flattering, but its becuase I actually took the picture myself, and my arms are not that long! Some of you were requesting a picture of what I looked like, so here I am puffy cheeks, double chin and all!

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