szerda, március 22, 2006

Finally an update

Let's see where to start??? I have no clue as its been a whole week since my last update! Lots of things have happened but nothing too major that needs mentioning. Mainly just being busy - especially over the weekend at the Hungarian Cultural Center - we had a concert on Sunday night and had to get everything ready for it. We served up a cold buffet, and man that was a lot of work! I think more work goes into something like that than just cooking and serving a dinner! Oh well, the end result was worth it. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the concert and the buffet. I was even able to see one of my best friends there - Barbi, her husband and her mom came to the concert. I haven't seen her since New Year's and the funny thing is that we both live in the same city (okay different ends of it) and we email almost every day with each other! It was so good to see her/them!! I've missed her!! Sure emails are okay, but physically seeing and talking to someone is much better! We will definitely have to make more time to get together... I have to do that with all of my friends - make more time for them.

I have a mini happy dance to report - no don't get to excited, I haven't finished anything stitchy related, but I finally managed to get one of my goals under my belt! I've started back on my rotation! Last week when I asked about fabric for L&L's The Wedding, I finally went with the Mountain Rose but the piece I had wasn't big enough - so poor me had to do a little shopping! I haven't quite decided yet on doing it on 28ct or 32ct, so I ordered one of each in that colour and in the right sizes and when they arrive I will decide. Right now I'm leaning towards 32ct. but we'll see in the end. So... since I couldn't start that project, I started a new one! It's a baby announcement for one of my friends who had a little girl in September last year. You can see a small picture of it - its from a Cross Stitch Gold magazine. I decided to do this one on the other piece of fabric - the Carol's Meadow. Here is a progress from one week's worth of stitching (Okay more like 4 days Mon - Thurs)

I still need to search out a couple of colours for this one too - hence the missing stitches in the ears and the neck/chest area.

Friday I started another little something, just a small little piece that will be a gift for someone - so no pictures because I know they read my blog. I actually have a couple of little surprises in planning for several recipients (yes several!) And no hints! Once they are all done and have been recieved pictures will be posted! So sit tight till then!

This week I started working again on My Stitching Treasures, and I'm making some good progress. Including a couple of over one areas that sort of made me put it down for a little bit. I'll take a progress picture of it next week once my stitching time on it is over.

I was the recipient of a surprise in the mail the other day... I got this cute little bear, who travelled all the way from Hungary to come live with me! (okay, blogger isn't letting me post any more pictures so you'll have to go to my webshots album - 2006 finishes to see him) I got him from Kriszti as a thank you for sending her floss and beads to do Winter Queen by Mirablila - she couldn't get them locally, and I had extras from I did mine so I sent them to her. She made the little guy from start to finish and is so cute! He is by my computer so I can see him, and he just makes you want to smile! So thank you publiclly to Kriszti for him!

Its Wednesday, and that is SBQ time! I missed last weeks so there will be two this time round!
Q: Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not,have you considered it?
A: Yes I do stitch "over one" and so far I've enjoyed it - okay not the frogging part but that happens too, I just try to be extra careful when doing "over one" stitching. I've done it on 28ct and now on 32ct, and I have to admit that after stitching "over one" on 32 ct that doing it on 28ct is so much easier! On 28ct now the little x's look almost huge!

Q:Have you ever participated in a needlework mystery (i.e., a designthat you started before knowing how it will look in the end and bywhich you receive parts of the design via the internet, magazines, orleaflets at spaced intervals)? If so, why did you decide to do themystery? What appealed to you about it? Did you enjoy it? If you havenot done a mystery, would you ever do one?
A: Okay I have a sort of weird answer to this, in that yes I have gone and purchased several mysteries by several designers, however, I have yet to stitch them while they are going on! I ususally just get them becuase I love them, and want them. I know I won't stitch them ontime or keep up with the class, so that is probably why I don't start them. I've also jumped into a mystery that was ongoing becuase I've loved the progress pictures. Out of all the ones I have, I've only stitched one so far - and of course it was stitched much later than the acutal mystery!

One last little thought, I'd appreciate good thoughts for my kitty, as she is still not well. She is on a different set of antibotics now, and hopefully this will clear up what ever is causing her to have blood in her urine (sorry if that is TMI) If it doesn't we're off for an ultrasound on her to see if they can see anything that may be causing it. The good thing is that she is eating normally, drinking normally, going to the litter box okay, and the only side effect is that she is sleeping more - as if that is possible for a cat!

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S. Davis írta...

Sorry to hear that your kitty isn't well ! It's hard to have them sick , it's like having a sick baby, they can't tell you what's wrong and you just have to love them and do what's best for them. Good Luck with her !