hétfő, május 22, 2006

Pictures, pictures and more pictures...

Let's hope blogger cooperates today!

Hurray!!! Blogger worked and let me post all the pictures I wanted today! (okay not exactly in the spots I wanted, but at least the pictures are up!) Just a quick rundown of what is what - the first row is

1. my kitty - I was playing with the black and white setting on my camera, and she looked so cute snoozing in the sun
2. a bunch of balloons left over from a dinner and dance we had at the hall this weekend - they just looked so pretty all tangled up like that
3. a visitor we had this morning

Second and third rows are our/dad's garden, as well as another little visitor we had, who decided to take a bath. The last picture are some of my lily of the valley that I have growing in the garden. This bunch will be going to the cemtery later today for my mom - as they were one of her favourites. I actually have/had flowers this year!! Last year we had so many come back but no flowers, so this year it was nice to see, and enjoy the fruits of the garden! The kitchen smells so wonderful right now!

I'll be back later with some stitching pictures (if blogger continues to behave) as I have some more little happy dances to share!

3 megjegyzés:

Butterfly írta...

Nice balloons I wonder where I saw those lately LOL. Love the blog today and OMG to the Lilies those are my favorite flower of course that has nothing to do with the fact I'm a May Baby. I have the pattern if you want....

Eclectic Optimist írta...

Wow! Someone's been busy! The garden looks wonderful. It's a lot of work.

katica írta...

I have to admit, dad did most of the work, we've been just trying to keep it weed free and semi nice looking for when he comes back!