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Catching up with the SBQ...

Sorry to my non-stitching readers, but I've fallen somewhat behind with the Stitching Blogger questions, so I thought I would post a combined update for those that I've missed... and from what you can see, I've missed quite a bit!

June 21st question:
Q: Have you ever used a magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it helpful?
A: So far no I have not had to use a magnifying glass while stitching... however if the time came where I needed one and my glasses just weren't enough then I'm guessing that yes I would use one, in order to continue stitching.

June 14th question:
Q: How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?
A: I would have to say I have roughly a dozen that I have, not all cross stitch though. Some of them are antique Hungarian Folk cross stitch pattern books from various regions, but I rarely use them... I seem to collect them more than actually use them sadly. Maybe one day that will change, but for now I just collect and occassionally flip through them.

June 7th question(s)
Q: Over the past couple of weeks I received two SBQ suggestions that request pictures so I decided to put them together for an SBQ picture day. Feel free to post pictures concerning either or both requests. :)
The first request comes from
who is requesting pictures of the back of your stitching… are you brave enough to give this one a shot?
A: Here is a picture of one of my projects from the back...sorry but no matter what I tried the scan didn't come out straight...

The second request comes from Singular Stitches , and she is asking for "a pictorial tour of [the] special place that you go to create your wonderful stitched creations."
And here is my stitching spot...

May 31st question:
Q: Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them?
A: I would have to say yes to this... if you mean do I have alot of charts by certain designers - there are actually several designers that I collect (not all of their patterns but the ones that jump out at me) but have yet to stitch... The Sweetheart Tree, Cross Eyed Cricket, The Stitching Studio to name a few. No reason as to why I haven't yet stitched them other then just haven't gotten there yet... If you mean collect in having every single chart whether or not I liked it just to say I have every single one by that designer then no.

May 24th question:
Q: What is your favorite specialty stitch? Which one is your least favorite? Why?
A: I would have to say bullion knots... and the button hole stitch as my least favourites... no matter what I try I just can't seem to get these two to work or look right. As for my favourite?? Not sure I haven't done all that many, but other than the two above, I would have to say I've enjoyed the rest...

May 17th question:
Q: Lately, it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss of their stitching mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If so, how did you get it back and how long did it take?
A: Knock on wood, but I've been lucky, in that I don't think I've ever really lost my passion for stitching since becoming "obsessed" with it almost 10yrs ago (oh my has it been that long!) Sure I've had my ups and downs, but I don't think I've ever stopped stitching for any long length of time due to losing my "stitching mojo", sometimes life in general and lack of time just get in the way and prevent me from stitching but like I said knock on wood, that's it so far. Usually if I don't particularly feel like stitching or don't have a lot of time to actually pull it out and start, I'll just go through my stash, or just surf the net checking out the new stuff - that is usually when my wish list grows...

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