péntek, október 27, 2006

Stitching finish!!

Just thought I would share! I finished this up actually on Wednesday evening, but it was late and didn't want to post it then ... enjoy it is a freebie from cyberstitchers and stitched with DMC (I changed the majority of the colours - pumpkin and straw) I'm working on a new one but nothing to actually show as a progress picture just yet... Not sure exactly what I will do with it so for now it will go into my drawer with all my other finishes...(please 'scuse the wrinkels)

3 megjegyzés:

Karoline írta...

Too cute, congratulations

Elsie írta...

I like it.

Perfect for Halloween.


Melissa írta...

Very cute! Seeing everyone's Halloween stitching in their blogs makes me wish I would have done something. :-)