szombat, december 02, 2006

Craftiness abounds....

Just thought I would do a quick update as to what I have been up to for the last couple of weeks.... mainly busy with work and other obligations but also I found some time to do some stitching and go and enjoy another craft night with the girls...

My hands are getting much better, I'm still very careful about how I hold things or open things etc especially with my left hand, but I'm done all my medication and things are getting better!

Before I go and show you all what I've been up to, I've decided on a stand for myself, and we'll see if I can get it for Christmas or not. If not that is okay too, I can wait till after the new year for it, I'm in no hurry! I've decided to go with a lap stand instead... Right now I don't want to spend all that money on something I may not end up liking. The two I chose are just that - big investments - so I'm going to try it out on a smaller scale instead and I've been eyeing the
K's Creation "Z" table/lap stand and my LNS here has an order on its way from K's Creation, so hopefully I'll be lucky enough that they have one of the stands I like in there so I can check it out, if not at least I know they can order it for me... Its still a big investment, but not as big as a full floor model would have been. I'll wait on that one until we have our own home... till then the lap one will do. (and yes mine will be the one that is good for q-snaps, as that is all I use)

Anyways, here are my pictures...

At the last craft night I worked on my Bent Creek Halloween Cracker and I did a little more on it since, but not much as I fell out of the halloween spirit!

I've been also working on my niece's wedding sampler and have actually got a good bit done on it compared to my last progress pictures (the one still on the link on the sidebar under - The Wedding) However Blogger is not being cooperative and is not letting me post anymore pictures! I'll try again in a separate post

We had another craft night last night and we made these really cute wood snowman! If you go to Elsie's blog then you will be able to see our snowmen that we made. I got a little stitching in on my overseas's kris kringle project but not much, we were having way too much fun! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get much more stitching in on it... It really needs to be done quickly so I can mail the thing and keep everything crossed that it gets there on time!

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