szombat, január 06, 2007

Cheating a little with the post as otherwise blogger wouldn't let me post the rest of my pictures!
Here is my Christmas exchange gift... as well as my surprise gift(s) from Eva

I'm hoping that my photography skills are not that bad, and you can see the wonderful workmanship that went into all of the gifts!

A stitching update... I started "guilt-free" January a little early and started a new project on boxing day! I managed to start Pink Peonies by Marjolein Bastin of Lanarte... my friend got me the kit when she was in Hungary last year... and then on Wendesday (jan 3rd) we had a craft night, where I worked on it some more, so here are my before and after pictures of my progress so far...

I have really enjoyed stitching on this project, and so far I feel it has been working up quite quickly. I just love the colours in it and trust me when I say the pictures do no do it justice!

Since its a new year, I am planning on getting back into my rotation, that was thrown out the window quite a while ago! I did a weekly one, where I would work on one project for a week, and then switch. Right now today will be my last day on this one and as of tomorrow (Sunday) I will be pulling out the wedding piece again - that is going to be my focus piece till its done...

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Blissful Loser írta...

Congrats on being a great aunt!!! How exciting for the family! Your peony is coming along beautifully! It's stitching up so fast. The colours are amazing.