vasárnap, április 15, 2007

We're back!!!

After a whirlwind of a trip, we are back home, and what a trip it was! We had a wonderful time, the weather cooperated with us and was beautiful throughout our entire stay. Easter Sunday we had a wonderful 22 degrees (celcius). Everything was in bloom and nice and green! There is no other word to describe it but beautiful. Budapest is definitely one of my all time favourite places to be, and if I could, I'd move back there in a heart beat - hubby agrees! For now though we'll settle on planning for our next (and much longer) vacation there in the hopefully near future!

It was wonderful seeing family, and friends again after not being there
for 2 years, though I do have to admit, with our time constraints we didn't get see or meet all those we wanted, or spend as much time with some as we would have liked. We had a great time shopping - yes that includes stash shopping, so I've fallen completely off the wagon with my 50 project challenge, I just may have to start all over but with maybe 25 instead of the 50. I seem to have proven that I can't go that long without buying something!

We had a great time checking off our list of things to do and places
to go, all of our old haunts and favourite restaurants. With the amount of food we ate, I'm surprised I didn't gain any weight! Thank goodness for all the stairs we had to climb to get to various relatives' apartments, my brother's included! Definitely makes for a good work out without even thinking about it.

For now I've just included some of my favourite pictures, just click on them to make them bigger. The rest will go up soon (hopefully in the very near future) to my webshots album, where if anyone is interested is more than welcome to look.

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Karen írta...

Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Love the pictures. :)

Elsie írta...

Welcome Home!
It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!
Can't wait to hear all about it.

helen írta...

Jo, hogy ujra internetkozelben vagy :) Orulok annak, hogy jo idotok volt, hogy tudtal nezegetni magadnak dolgokat, vasarolgattal, es hogy ujra szepnek talaltad Budapestet :)

The Silver Thistle írta...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a brilliant time! Love the photo's :D