kedd, május 08, 2007

Happy Dancing!!!

Its time to party!!! I'm a little late in posting this as I managed to finish it a couple of weeks ago, but just didn't get a chance to post about it!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The wedding piece is done! I finally managed to get the beads I needed, and sat down one night and finished it off! Now to just frame it and give it to my niece!

I haven't had too much time to stitch these past couple of weeks, so instead of pulling out my peonies, I've just been working on something small, and I have another happy dance to show off, it is going to be a gift for someone who reads my blogs, but since I am the "queen of procrastination" by the time I actually get it done, they may forget that they saw it here!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The peonies are coming up soon, but first since I'm in the SAL with the Hungarian blogging ladies, I have to get going on that, as some of them are already finished this months block! I've yet to start!

Anyways, here is my other happy dance!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It is Coffee, Chocolate and Men by Waxing Moon. I really enjoyed it, it was a fun quick stitch, and I really enjoyed the GAST threads in it. I didn't use all GAST, just some, and I really love the way it turned out. Its stitched over 2 on 28 count sandcastle jobelan by wichelt (great fabric btw - will have to eventually get myself more)

On the reading front, I took a few books on my trip, but only managed to read one - The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Greggory, finished that back in March still, and I enjoyed it and have since picked up a couple of other books by the same other. I didn't read a thing in April, and right now I'm sort of struggling. I'm not in the mood to read lately, so its a good thing I'm already up to 5 finished reads this year and we just started the 5th month. That way I'm still on track for the read-a-long.

The weather here has been great lately, and our garden is finally started to peek out and grow! I know in Hungary, a lot of the spring flowers have already bloomed (like tulips and lily of the valley) but here they are just starting to grow! Though I do have to admit, my lily of the valley's are almost blooming, hopefully I'll have a few in time for Mother's day on Sunday (the 13th) to take to my mom in the cemetery. They were one of her favourite flowers. I'll take a couple of pictures in the next couple of days to show our garden's progress.

Also I decided to restart the project challenge! I've already changed my sidebar to reflect the new one. This time I'm going for 25 projects completed before getting any more stash, and I'm counting the Waxing Moon finish as my first one! Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll be able to last that long without being tempted to go stash shopping!

Enough of that - I'm off to stitch! Time to get started on my SAL!

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helen írta...

Nagyon jó lett az esküvői minta! Gondolom, nagy kő esett le a szívedről!
A WMoon egyszerűen csoda-édes :D Még nem láttam ezt a mintát, tényleg cukorfalat!

Szóval el voltál foglalva mostanában. Már aggódtam érted, írtam levelet, de nem kaptam választ! Jó, hogy van blogod... kicsit megnyugodtam :)

helen írta...

Másrészt: te kétszer éled át a tavaszt idén :) Azért ez nem semmi!

Butterfly írta...

You are simply amazing!!

bucilla írta...
Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.
bucilla írta...

Gyönyörű ez az esküvői kép! Jó nagy munka lehetett! A Waxing moon meg nagyon jó lesz! Jópofa minta! Igazi nőknek való:DDD!!!Én is magamra ismertem benne:D

Cimpulusz írta...

Drága Katicám!

Megosztanád velem ezt a kávés-csokis csodamintát!?:))e-mailem Évinél;),nem akarom ide kipakolni...

Meghálálom, ígérem;)


Timici írta...

Szia:) Éva(Helen) blogjáról találtam ide Hozzád, nagyon szépek a munkáid, gratulálok!:) Ez a Waxing Moon minta különösen megfogott, még sosem láttam, jó nagyon;). Én is szeretem a WM a Bent Creek és a Lizzie Kate mintákat, most épp egy mini BCt hímzek. üdv. Timi(http://timici.freeblog.hu)