szerda, május 23, 2007

Its done!

I finally finished my square for the SAL with the Hungarian blogging ladies! I thought I would never be done, but I am and here it is!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

While stitching this, I remembered a few things - that I actually do enjoy stitching over 1, its the ending the threads when I'm done a colour I hate, and that it takes me much longer to do the same stitching over one than it would over 2, somehow I keep forgetting that and miscalculate the time I would need to actually finish something... but that's okay, I already have my next over 1 project planned, I just need to finish a few things first!

Next up are the peonies, and they are already on the qsnaps ready to go for tomorrow evening's stitching! I'm actually quite excited, I really enjoy stitching on this project (not sure if I've mentioned that before! LOL)

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bucilla írta...

Nagyon édes lett! És jó hogy magyarul írtad rá a hónapot! Tetszik!!!:)