péntek, január 11, 2008

Nature's Beauty

During the holidays, we went to visit our friends on Pender Island... we decided to drive out there becuase plane tickets were just outrageously priced and it is definitely a decision we don't regret! We were lucky as the roads were pretty good considering we were going through the mountains for the majority of the drive.

Hubby drove and I managed to stay awake for most of the trip and being the picture fanatic I am, I took a ton of pictures! Most turned out pretty good considering they were taken from a moving car and we were doing on 110-120kms/hr for the most part. I've put a couple up here in the post but if you would like to check out the rest then you can see them in my webshots album as I posted them there. I just can't get enough of the mountains - be it in real life or photos (though real life is preferable)

I'll be posting a few stitching updates in the next couple of days, as I have a few of those to share as well. I haven't been doing that much stitching over the last month, but I have made some progress - at least enough to share. :)

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