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February finishes, March starts and a floss toss

Not much to report other than I'm surprised at how long its been since my last update! Work has been keeping me busy as have our volunteer duties outside of work but other than that not much has been going on other than I've been doing a bunch of stitching.

Weather wise we are now at the other end of the spectum from my "Baby its cold outside post". Then it was around -29 celcius with a wind chill to make it feel like -38 ish and today its a balmy +7celcius. It is a beautiful day out but these frequent weather changes can wreak havoc on a person! No wonder I'm always so headachey!! But I can't complain as it is a beautiful place to live.

Here are my updates... to add to my February finishes (bringing the total to 3) I finished off Little House Needleworks - Schoolgirl Lessons

Its stitched on a mystery 28ct fabric I had with DMC 115 - it took the whole skien stitched over 2 with 2 threads.

Next up is my progress on my spring bouqet, the flowers are now all complete, I just have the border to do. Also up is my progress on the canvas project (Antique Lace). I started some of the filling in, but didn't get very far, as it does tend to hurt my hand since the canvas is so stiff. I'm just going to progress a little at a time on this one till its done.

Now on to my March starts... I've joined another SAL (actually two) - a Bent Creek SAL for the 2003 snappers and at the same time the Red Thread SAL - also by Bent Creek. I've started an caught up to the first one (2003 snappers), but haven't touched the Red thread one yet... I'm still debating on fabric for that one. Here are some shots of it all together and a close up of each square so far.

I'm stitching the snappers on 28ct Jubilee called Canada Goose by SMF (Sugar Maple Fabrics) with regular DMC threads. The fabric is a joy to work on, I just love SMF, as well as Jubilee - its one of my favourites.

Then last but not least, my floss toss... I'm going to be starting Megan Fletcher by Lisa Cowell as part of a SAR (stitch-around) with one of the message boards I frequent. Its a mystery 28ct fabric (I'm guessing jobelan from the feel of it) and I'll be using a glorianna silk called ollalieberry.

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All your stitching looks lovely!!