csütörtök, május 01, 2008

Easter Eggs, WIPs and Finishes

One of my favourite things about going to Hungary in the spring time is that we are usually there for Easter. This year was no exception, and one of the best things we did (okay after Easter in our case) was go to the Easter egg exhibition they had in one of the museums.

I've uploaded some pictures to my webshots into the Magyarorszag 2008 album so please go take a look. There were some very beautiful eggs there, several different decorating styles. I know I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite.

It was also neat becuase they had a "hands on" section where you could actually decorate an egg yourself, as well as a couple of other crafts. I really enjoyed it and was very happy were able to make it before it ended.

I will still be adding more pictures from our trip to the my webshots album, its just taking much longer than originally anticiapted. One becuase of having to go to work, but also becuase my computer and the webshots photo uploader don't seem to like each other very much right now. But hopefully things will get sorted out and all will be uploaded soon.

I also have a happy dance to report, I actually finsihed the stitching on this on Saturday, but haven't had a chance to post a photo till now. Its my spring bouquet pillow.

I left off the paisley type design that is supposed to go in the corners, and changed one of the thread colours in the border - the dark purple is actually supposed to be gold...

Excuse the wrinkles and spots on it, it desperately needs a bath... but I'll hang off on that till I know what it will be made into. I have an idea, I'm just not sure if it is possible just yet! Stay tuned for that one!

And I also have a wip to show. I finished off another month in the Bent Creek snappers SAL, so with out further ado here is May, as well as a picture of them all together.

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