kedd, január 06, 2009

one stitch, two stitch, three!

I thought I would post an update on my Madonna Dolorosa wip, its coming along nicely but I'm going to switch projects for now and grabbed another WIP from my ever growing pile!

I've decided to work on the alphabet blocks for my nephew, and have started on the letter "e" .

In my quest for which project will be my new start for January, I mentioned that Autumn in my garden by Mirabilia was screaming the loudest. However, I do have to admit, that one of my packages arrived with my red fabric in it for the red/white table cloth and it is beautiful! its going to be hard to stiffle the screams of that one now!

I'm also going to start up a new challenge. I failed miserably at my previous attempt. I'll admit it I am a self confessed stash-a-holic! But this year I will try and stitch only from my stash (which those of you who know me and have seen it know its fairly large) and finish off several projects before going shopping again. Its not so much the money, but more the space and the guilt that I am beginning to feel with so many lovely projects both on the go and waiting in the wings in my stash that is my reason for trying the challenge again.

I'm going to keep it fairly simple and "only" go for a 10 project challenge. I've got my 1st draft of my list already to go:

1. Madonna Dolorosa by Kustom Krafts/Solaria - approx 40% complete
2. My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas - approx 40% complete
3. Hungarian Sampler - SAL - 4/7 parts complete
4. French freebie houses - SAL - 2/12 houses complete
5. Red/White table cloth - Hungarian stitching magazine - not started
6. Fairy Moon - Mirabilia - not started
7. Autumn in my Garden - Mirabilia - not started
8. Alphabet blocks for my nephew - 8 sides complete
9. Heirloom Lace canvas piece - SJ Designs - approx 40% complete
10. Morning Glory - The Drawn Thread - not started

These are in no particluar order and my only exceptions to the rule of no shopping is that I will purchase any threads, beads or charms needed to finish these projects.

As you can see some are fairly ambitious, but at the same time I have several at least half way done! We'll see how it goes and how long I last! I've posted the list for you all to keep me honest!

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Cindy F. írta...

Beautiful progress on MD!!

Good luck with your goals for 2009!
All are such wonderful charts.

Hey, as long as you're stitching, stash is fine in my mind:)

(You should see my scrapbook and rubberstamping stash!! It's crazy!)