kedd, február 24, 2009

a little stash and a little dance

Now before anyone goes and says I fell off the stash wagon, I didn't! Yes I did go shopping, but I received a gift certificate as a gift, and used that, and nothing else! I could have gone overboard but I was good and didn't.

I went to my LNS over the long weekend, hoping for an after Nashville sale/preview of what they got, only to be disappointed in that they didn't even bother to go to Nashville! Last year at this time the store was filled to the brim with new products, charts, etc as well as other stitchers and this year, other than the two ladies who run the shop, I was the only one there... very sad and somewhat depressing... That combined with some other factors I'm sad to say that, that was more than likely my last time shopping in that store, which is too bad as it has so much potential, just the new owners don't seem to see it.

Anyways, on to the good stuff - what did I get! I got three charts - Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden, and two LHN chart packs - Autumn and Winter Sampler and they come with the silk thread needed. These charts have been on my wish list for sometime now so they were finally able to come home with me!

Now for the dancing! Another small happy dance, I managed to finish off the letter "h", so here is my progress on my alphabet blocks so far, as well as a somewhat close up of "g" and "h"

As to what I'm stitching now, I can't really show you, even when I finish, as they are little suprises as well as an exchange gift. However once the recipients' recieve them I'll post pictures.

2 megjegyzés:

helen írta...

Ez az inc circles nagyon jó! Várom, hogy mutatsd, hogy alakul!

Cindy F. írta...

Great new stash and awesome progress on your alpha blocks! That really is a lot of stitches in one block!!