hétfő, augusztus 10, 2009

a little stitching

Well I have no progress to report on the LHN Sunday stitch-a-long, I didn't touch a needle yesterday other than to maybe put one away! Hopefully next week.

I do have some progress to show on BBD Berry Time though, as I worked on that throughout the rest of last week. I am really enjoying this one, and really like the colour its stitched with. Once I'm done, I just may need to add a couple of skeins of this "just becuase".

Sorry for the quality of the picture, its fairly overcast and dark inside even with the light on and using a flash... not to mention my photographic abilities!

2 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

I really really love this Berry Time project that you are working on and the colour is great!

Karen írta...

Great progess...I love the thread color also. Can't wait to add this to my stash!