szerda, szeptember 23, 2009

more mountains... (very picture heavy)

While I was off on vacation at the beginning of this month, my hubby and I decided to head out to Fairmont for a couple of days very last minute! We called the hotel Friday morning, found they had a good room still available and we were on the road by noon.
Thought I would share some pictures... (all clickable to make bigger)

These are on our way out and from our stop at Dead Man's Flats

these two are the same glacier, just zoomed in on the one

the view from our room and our visitor

And on our way home - we stopped for pictures on the opposite side of Kootney Park Lodge

We had a fabulous two days, enjoyed the spa as well as the great pools and the wonderful weather. I can hardly wait to go back, it is really one of my favourite places to go.

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Barbi írta...

Looks beautiful! We should plan a weekend together!

Nina írta...

Eszméletlen szép képek, a hely mag a földi paradicsom! Ezek a hegyek...!!!