hétfő, október 19, 2009

even the best laid plans...

tend to go awry... I had my Sunday all planned out - nothing but laundry and stitching inbetween doing loads. Well that is not how it turned out at all! We ended up going out for the most of the day for some shopping that was supposed to be quick and then we had an unexpected dinner guest. (Dad invited him over while we were out - but it was a pleasant surprise when we found out)

So even though the day didn't go as planned, it was still a very nice day and evening, I just don't have any stitching to update with. At least nothing that has to do with my neighbourhood SAL with Barbi! Boy, oh boy I am just so behind with this poor piece! I'm sure its feeling neglected as I haven't touched it in I think 3 weeks now! I really must change that!

However, I do have a happy dance to share, so strike up the band, turn the music up or whatever your fancy, but I have finished off the Spiced Tea block by LHN. I've played with the colours a bit as every picture I took, no matter what I tried, came out much more yellow than in real life. The white of the tea cup does seem to disappear into the fabric, but it doesn't in real life, it just sort of make it look all the more delicate. As always, click to make the pictures bigger.

I really wanted to show this off earlier but my camera battery died right after I took the tusal picture the other day. But at least this way I have something to share today!

Not sure what I'm going to work on this week, I do have many wips calling my name as well as many new starts, we'll just see which one yells the loudest!!

Don't forget to check out Missy's great giveaway, its started today. Her button is on my sidebar - the 13 days of Halloween! Hmmm maybe I'll start something with an autumn or halloween theme this week... hmmm something else to add to the choices! too many project too little time, what is a girl to do? I'll let you know what I picked...

3 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

Not to worry I didn't have anything to update at all this week. The weather causing havoc with my head. ARGH.
But lovely finish on the Spiced Tea.

staci írta...

Your Spiced Tea finish is very sweet, congrats!

Karen írta...

So pretty.