szerda, november 25, 2009

great mail day!

I'm at home not feeling well today, so I was a little blah and down. But what a better way to cheer up than to recieve something fantastic in the mail! (finally something other than bills!)

My wonderful friend Evi from Hungary sent me this wonderful package as a belated birthday gift. She makes the most wonderful knitted and crocheted things, its an honour to get anything from her belated or not! You have to check her blog and her meska site out to see all the neat things she makes. Though her blog is in Hungarian, please drop her a line (she speaks English as well) if you like what you see.

I recieved a beautiful scarf and mitten set, as well as a very pretty cross stitched bookmark, and a gorgeous skein of hand dyed floss - she dyed it herself and made only two skeins, one for her and one for me! How sweet is that! Now to just find something super special to stitch with it!

Check out the close up of the detail on the scarf... I just love it and think its beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! No words can say express just how thankful I am or how much I love it!

Though I don't really want to rush winter and the cold weather, I can hardly wait to start wearing these! They are such a pretty eggplant kind of purple, so very pretty and so very difficult to get a good picture to show off the true colour!

2 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

Very pretty!!!! Lucky girl you! Sorry that you're not feeling well. Feel better soon!
Love ya!

Melinda írta...

Gratulálok a csodás ajándékaidhoz!:) Cseppet azért irigykedem!;D
Remélem, már jobban vagy!:x