vasárnap, november 22, 2009

a third little dance...

Just thought I would share the last of the three ornaments in the Plum Pudding Holiday Samplings pattern that I've been stitching. This time its a bird of some sort, maybe a partridge but who knows... its cute nonetheless

I do plan on stitching all three again, except this time in a nice red. They are really cute and quick little pieces. So stay tuned for those pictures...

I also thought I would share with you our Christmas cactus' or is that cacti? These were taken earlier today and they are blooming like crazy already! Last year they bloomed continuously from roughly November till about March. I have a few different colours - dark pink, light pink, orange and I believe a yellow one it there somewhere... right now in the kitchen we have 6 different pots with them in various sizes... you can sort of see 5 of them in this picture.

This last picture is a close of up of our largest one, it actually has three different colours planted in the one pot, light pink, dark pink and a pale orange. I just love these things and always seem to buy a new one every year, though I'm not sure where to put them anymore!

I'm off to start working on my Sunday LHN SAL... Happy Sunday to everyone!

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Barbi írta...

Love the partridge ornie! And the cacti are gorgeous!
I'm off to stitch with you