csütörtök, május 20, 2010

flowers, stitching and some sad news

let's start with the flowers... spring is finally starting to bloom here, my lily of the valley are flowering like crazy and the rest of the garden is slowly starting to wake up as well.

We got a few new additions this year, as not all the flowers came back after the winter and we had a few empty holes to fill...

Here is a part of the lily of the valley corner

Our two out of three of the new additions... a dark purple almost black iris, a beautiful light purple iris (which looks sort of blueish in the picture) and the third one is a yellow iris which hasn't bloomed yet...

I also picked a bunch of lily of the valley and made my first bouquet.... yes that is the knorr salty and pepper salt shakers :O) I love that commercial, he is just too cute for words! With this bouquet, I barely scratched the surface of picking the flowers, there are just tons there this year!

They are right here by my computer, and the smell is just lovely!

I did manage to do a little stitching on Fairy Moon, not a lot, as we had a lot going on the last few days. Here is my progress so far, and trust me the photo doesn't do it justice, the purple of her shawl, does look good on that fabric... my photography skills are somewhat lacking and plus it is late here so the lighting wasn't the best...
And now on the the sad news... we got news that my grandmother passed away on Monday, so now instead of planning our vacation later this summer for her birthday - it would have been her 100th, we are travelling to Europe for her funeral. So I'll be offline for a couple of weeks.

She was an amazing woman, and she will be missed. She lived a good long life, and gave all of us in her family many many happy memories to remember her by.
Rest in Peace Nagymama, love you forever
July 6, 1910 - May 17, 2010

6 megjegyzés:

Abile írta...

Fogadd őszinte részvétemet! Őrizz meg sok szép emléket róla!

Nina írta...

Őszinte részvétem, Kati!

Barbi írta...

Again my thoughts are with you and your family.
You lilies are beautiful! And your stitching is off too a good start!
You'll have to let me know where you got the knorr S&O shaker!
Safe trip!
Love you!

valerie írta...

Beautiful irises and start on Fairy Moon!

So sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing.

Jucus írta...

Ilyen különleges íriszeket még nem is láttam! Csodásak! A gyöngyvirágosod pedig! Micsoda fenséges illat lehet ott!

Jucus írta...

A mamid miatt meg...vígasztalódj meg mielőbb!