vasárnap, július 11, 2010

tusal and sunday sal

Well we had a super busy day and I'm pooped so I know I'm not going to get any stitching done today... its already past 9pm and I haven't even touched my stitching. so no Sunday SAL for me today!

But it is the day for the tusal, so I will post that one - finally on time for once!

Here is my ort jar before squishing....

and after...

I'm also on the lookout for a Lizzie Kate freebie - I saw it finished on one of the blogs I read, but my LNS nor the ONS that I frequent have it. So I'm hoping someone out there in blogging land will be able to help. I've also emailed the designer but no answer yet. Here it is:

Many thanks in advance and happy Sunday to everyone!

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