hétfő, szeptember 20, 2010

stitching and dancing...

I've got so much to share, so let's get some housekeeping stuff out of the way. Last month I barely stitched, so I didn't have anything to show for my TUSAL, but here is September's. I know I'm very late in posting it, but the picture itself was taken on time (which was September 8th).

I also have a happy dance to report! I actually finished stitching With My Needle's Quaker Samplings III on September 1st. Here are some pictures of that finish... first of the whole thing and the close ups.

With My Needle
Quaker Samplings III
Stitched on 28ct ivory joblean, using 12 1/2 skeins of Rose Garden Simply Shaker GAST

After I finished stitching on that one, I pulled out an old WIP, something I haven't stitched on since May of this year... my Heirloom Lace Sampler canvas project by SJ Designs... All this time I've been calling it by the wrong name, I've been calling it Antique Lace sampler, but I finally went back far enough in my archives to see who the designer was and found the proper name for it!

Here is a close up of the last two parts I needed to fill in with the lighter grey thread. Now I just have the filing stitches with the dark grey thread left on this layer and then I can start the third layer of stitches... that one will definitely take a while as there is a lot to do on the next layer.

Once that is done, I will only have the beading left and I can finally say its done!

And here is the whole thing laid out. Still lots to do, but worth it as it will be nice (if I do say so myself) once its done.

And now on to Molly! I worked on her a little last Sunday for the SAL, but didn't get a chance to post my progress, so now you get a two in one deal! I also have a picture of my progress from yesterday too.

Here is where I left off with my progress last week...

And here she is as of yesterday... not the best picture, but you get the idea.

I'm really enjoying working on her, including the tree, which is where I am now - that large block of one colour... I'm looking forward to seeing Barbi's progress on this one, she ahead of me, so its fun trying to see if I can catch up to her!
Now last but not least, I pulled another wip to work on this week... I'm working on the LHN Coffee and Tea series... I'm working on Iced Tea right now and then once that is done I have one square left before that one is finished completely as well! No pictures to show on that yet, since I only just started working on it tonight.
Till next time... happy stitching!

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Christine írta...

Kati, ez a fekete alapon fehér (szürke?) kép annyira szép lett!!! Olyan, mintha horgolt függöny vagy "polcfutó" lenne, egyszerűen csodás!

Abile írta...

Nagyon sok minden készül nálad!! Csodaszépek!

Blu írta...

Congrats on your Quaker finish! It looks great!
Both the Sampler and Molly are coming along amazingly.

Ellen írta...

Your Quaker Samplings III look terrific! I'd love to show it on my blog.

Just send me a photo (examplar@withmyneedle.com). Feel free to include any info you wouldlike about the project or about yourself.