kedd, október 26, 2010

where to start...

I've such a bad blogger lately, and honestly I do miss it, but I really don't know where the time has flown!

Anyways, let's put that aside and let me catch up... Let's start with the stitching, and then the rest can follow!

I completely missed this month's TUSAL, so I'll just wait till next month to post the next progress picture of it.

I did make a little progress on Molly over the couple of Sunday's that have passed but not that much... I'm sure Barbi is way ahead of me on this one! LOL!

I also have a happy dance to share, as when I last posted Iwas working on Iced Tea by LHN, well here is the finished square, as well all 5 together so far - one more to go and its done!

And knowing me, I started another new project. Here is my progress as of yesterday before I started stitching. I'm going to keep the actual pattern a secret, as the finished project will be a gift, and if I say what it is, I'll give away the surprise! This will probably be the only picture you will see of it until its done and received, and I'll fill you in on the details then.

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vEr0n!c@ írta...

Molly's cute and your LHN looks wonderful. I'm halfway stitching it as well... I really should get back to it. Your pics have given me the motivation to do so. Great start on your new project. Looks likes another LHN design ^.^