kedd, december 28, 2010

Christmas stitching update

We had a wonderful Christmas, it was both quiet and busy at the same time. I'm still quite behind, my Christmas cards didn't get out in the mail, and I still need to put together and mail a couple of packages, but I'll fill you in on all those details later, right now let's talk stitching!

I did manage to do a little stitching before Christmas, I managed to make 4 small ornaments, but they never actually got finished finished. They are still missing their hangers... normally I put them on while stitching them together, but I thought I would try something different this year and so far haven't gotten around to actually doing it.

But here they are! I used the patterns from Bent Creek's Winter Arches

I decided to stitch last night, but none of my WIPs called my name, so what is a girl to do, but start a new project! I started Goode Huswife's A Pennsylvania German Alphabet. I originally saw it and fell in love with it on Karen V's blog last year, and so I went off in search of it, only to find it was OOP! (Actually I fell in love with a few samplers on Karen's blog and even manged to acquire a few! Now to just stitch them!)

However, I was very lucky in that I was doing some stash shopping straight from the designer herself before she closed up shop and moved to Belgium, and asked if it was possilbe to still get that pattern? I was in luck! She still had a couple and added one to my order! So that is what I finally decided to pull out and start working on.

I'm loving every stitch so far. I've only worked on the border, and as I said I only started it yesterday, so I think I've done pretty good on my progress.

I'm using the reccommended DMC colours on 28ct ivory jobelan.

And to end this post, I thought I would share a little Christmas with you.. This is our tree this year.

My nieces helped decorate it, and though you can't tell from this picture, both red and white lights are strung around the tree, making it look quite festive!

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Karen írta...

Love your BC ornaments...great idea to use the designs from Winter Arches.

Hope you have a great new stitching year!

Barbi írta...

Love the new ornies!