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dance to the abc's...

I've got a lot to share and not sure where to start! I'll probably do a couple of separate posts so this one doesn't end up waaaaayyyyy toooo long!

First off, I have my second official happy dance of 2011... the first one being the little mitten ornament I did... this one is a little bigger...

I managed to finish off my LHN Coffee and Tea series last night... here is a close up of the Caffe Latte...

I'm so happy its finished, now to just get it framed... I already know what I'm going to do with it once its framed...but that will come later. Not sure why, but this last block gave me the most problems, I seem to have the least amount of thread, almost running out of two of the colours and frogging like crazy! (though I guess that would account for almost running out of thread...)

Next up, my older niece decided she would like me to stitch her a fairy for her birthday in March... she picked Mirabilia's Sweet Pea...

So I pulled out some fabric, and the threads and I started it tonight... good thing its not that big of a Mirabilia and that her birthday isn't till the end of March! But my younger niece heard that I'm stitching her sister a piece so she would like one as well... she would like a princess (so far) so we will be stash diving on the weekend to see if I have anything she likes, and then that will be a new start somewhere down the line too... only problem is her birthday is roughly 3 weeks after her sisters... so we'll see if I get them both done in time.

And now that we've danced, its time for the abc's of me! I've seen this on several blogs, and I have been thinking of doing it, so here is a good as time as ever!

A - age: 41
B - bed size - king
C - chore you hate - putting away clean clothes
D - dog's name - don't have one, I'm a kitty person

E - essential start of the day item: tea -either hot or iced
F -favourite colour - black and blue is a very close second
G - gold or silver - both but really white gold
H - height - 165cm

I - instruments you play - none really but I did take piano when I was little
J - job - scheduler assistant
K - kids -none other than my kitty and neices and nephews
L - living arrangements - married, but right now we have a full house, we are living with my dad, my brother, his wife and two kids, plus our kitty

M - music you love - pretty much everything other than really hard rock and most rap
N - nicknames - katica, cica, yozo
O - overnight hospital stay - haven't ever had an overnight stay...
P - pet peeve - lately way too many to list

Q - quote from a movie - "I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. Come on squishy, come on little squishy" from Finding Nemo
R - right or left handed - right
S - siblings - 2 brothers, and as Barbi put it many "sister friends"
T - time you wake up - weekdays 6:45 weekends whenever the bed throws me out!

U - underwear - you betcha
V - veggie you dislike - broccoli!!! ewwwww
W - workout style - ohhh, I'm supposed to work out??? and its supposed to have a style??? guess I'd better get on that!
X - xrays you've had - dental, chest,

Y -yummy food you make - spaghetti, rakott krumpli, rakott karfiol, cheesecake in a bowl and a couple of other things
Z - the best place to visit - Hungary, Erdely, Mexico, and hopefully one day New Zealand to visit one of my sister friends!

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KarenV írta...

Lovely finish!

Barbi írta...

Gorgeous happy dances! Sweet Pea is one of my favorite fairies!
Love the ABC's! Us without sisters, get to find great ones! :)

Edo írta...

I love the patterns, I will have to get the tea one off of you. Not ready for the Sweat Pea on still dumb struck that I actually have something post about.

Névtelen írta...

Beautiful finish! Good luck with the Mirabilias.

Névtelen írta...

Beautiful finish.

Blu írta...

Lovely finish!
Sweet Pea is going to be adorable!

helen írta...