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I forgot...

Seems I've forgotten to share something with you all... I could have sworn I did, but I was looking back on my past blog posts I saw that I completely forgot to share with you a lovely gift I recieved for Christmas! I'm so embarassed... I know I sent a thank you and posted a picture on facebook, but completely forgot to share here.

I'm hoping its better late than never... so here it is! I recieved a wonderful package from Evi - and all of it handmade!

It included two beautifully crocheted granny squares, that are now hanging by my computer so I can see them all the time, a crocheted pin cushion, which is getting put to good use by my stitching seat, two very cute and very little crocheted snowman/snowballs who are also sitting here by my computer watching me as I type this, and last but not least, one of her very sought after "big head" bears. This is Napsugar (or Sunbeam though I prefer Sunshine in English)

She has lived up to her name as well, as since she has arrived she has brought much needed sunshine to me, and put a literally permanent smile on my face! And to top it off, I'm not sure if it was a coinscidence or not, but my stitching mojo returned at the same time! So another great big thank you to Evi, I love all of it and couldn't believe it then and still can't believe that I was lucky enough to recieve such wonderful goodies.

I sent Evi her Christmas gift as well, but as I'm sure I've mentioned many times before I am the Queen of Procrastination, so needless to say my gift was late (as usual), but it has arrived safe and sound and I can finally show part of it. Only part of it as it totally slipped my mind to take a picture of everything together.

Part of her gift was two stitched ornaments, one was the Happy New Year one, shown previously, and the second one was the mystery ornament which was my last finish of 2010. Here is a picture of that since you've only seen the back of it so far!

It is the "Seaside Whale Ornament" freebie ornament by Casey Buonaugurio. You can find it here: click . I thought it was not only cute but appropriate, as she just spent her first Christmas in New Zealand.

On to other stitching... yesterday was our Sunday SAL with Barbi, and I worked on Molly some more.

I had more spots filled in on the cat, but ended up frogging it and redoing them, as the second colour called for - the 3787 was way to close to the 844 that the cat was stitched in, so I switched it out and blended a couple of colours together -830 and 869. I think it looks a bit closer to the cover model now.

Last week I also worked on Nora Corbett/Mirabilia's Sweet Pea...

She is coming along nicely, her skirt is almost finished and despite all the various colour changes, she works up quickly. My other niece, has choosen her Mirabilia as well - Sabrina, though I may try and talk her out of that one, as there is now way I would be able to stitch that in time for her birthday in April!!!! I'll try and talk her into her second choice which is Nora Corbett/Mirabilia's Pansy. That is much more "doable" in the time frame I have than Sabrina.

That's it for now... I do have two photo hunts to share, but I'll do those in a separate post later. I'm not sure what I'm going to work on now, but I'll find something to stitch!

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valerie írta...

Great progress on Molly and Sweat Pea! Lovely gifts from Evi too!