hétfő, április 11, 2011

slowly stitching away...

Even with the best intentions, after I posted last Sunday, I didn't get a single stitch done on Elizabeth by CHS. So I'll just show you my progress from last night. Not much, and I was getting sick of the grey in the birds so I moved up a little...

Not a lot of progress, but at least I managed some. I was so distracted yesterday that even though I had lots of time to sit and stitch, I just couldn't sit still and concentrate. Last week, I managed to pick up the thread that I ran out of for La D Da's Flowery Alphabet, and I am basically finished it. I have a 99% happy dance to show.... I'm just missing my initials and the date, which I put on tonight, but I'll save the proper happy dance for tomorrow's post.

I stitched it on 32 ct Sand jobelan by Silkweaver... I also switched out one of the recommended DMC colours as the converstion looked a little dark and blah when I pulled the threads... I switched the colour of the letters, as the pattern says to use DMC 844 but I found that too dark of a grey especially since the cover picture showed blueish letters. I really enjoyed stitching this one and like how it turned out. I hope you do too.

Also, I have one more quick happy dance. I actually finished this a while ago - sometime last month, but completely forgot to post it.

My little niece's 10th birthday is coming up and she too asked me to stitch something for her. She originally wanted Sabrina by Mirabilia but then saw a freebie I downloaded onto my computer and wanted me to stitch that for her. I actually found two of these freebies, and here is one... all stitched up.

She has a fascination with skulls and crossbones, so this one will become a lined bag that she can keep her little things in. I couldn't find pink skull lining fabric, so it will be lined with pink spiderweb fabric instead. I have another skull freebie, with a pink heart around it, that I will also stitch up for her as a little ornament.

I'm also a bit frustrated with blogger... on my side bar (to me at least) my 2011 finished all seem to be spaced out funny compared to my 2010 finishes list... Does it look that way to you or is it just on my computer?? I've tried fixing several times, including completely deleting it and redoing the text box, but it still comes out funny for me.

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Great progress on Elizabeth! I love your La D Da piece!