hétfő, május 30, 2011

stitching - 0, weekend fun - 2

Well it seems as if my stitching time and mojo have gone awol... I haven't stitching for a week and a half, but hopefully that will change soon! I'm starting to miss it!

Again no progress on Lizzy this weekend (yesterday) for our SAL with Barbi. That is two weekends in a row! Not good! I bet I'm falling so behind that Barbi will finish it in no time while I'm still plugging away at my Lizzy.

We had another busy but fun filled weekend. One of the places we went was the Festival of Quilts here in Heritage Park. There were about 600 quilts on display this weekend and I know we didn't see all of them, but all the ones we did see were beautiful. Here is a sampling of some of my favourites that we saw:

You can see the rest of our pictures on facebook - here

The rest of the weekend was filled with other programs and family visits but no pictures of those...

Now to figure out what to work on stitching wise... hopefully I will be able to get some stitching in this week!

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