kedd, július 26, 2011

its awfully quiet here...

Wow, its been so long since my last post! I can't say that I haven't been busy though...

Since I last posted, we've managed to put a few thousand km's under our belts with all our road trips and adventures that we squeezed in what little time we had left before my family headed back off to Europe...

We managed to go see an international horse jumping event, here at Spruce Meadows; we also did several road trips to the mountains, where we went to Takakkaw falls, Emerald Lake, as well as a day trip to Fairmont hot springs to enjoy the pools. We saw numerous deer, elk, mountain sheep as well as mountain goats. The Stampede was in town as well, so we managed to go to the grounds twice, once only to see the chuckwagon races, and the grandstand show, and then one full day to enjoy the rides, exhibits and junk food. We even went on a whirlwind road trip to Vancouver, where we put our feet into the Pacific ocean and walked along the beach (plus the many other things and places we saw on our way there and back)

Then after all that, its was packing and more packing, and then one last full family farewell dinner and the next morning a trip to the airport, with many farewell tears (from me), and they were gone. The family left on Thursday of last week, and the house has been so quiet and so empty since then. It's back to just the 3 of us and the kitty. The family has been gone only 5 days, but it seems so much longer than that. Though it was a challenge at times to have them here for so long (roughly a year), especially with so many people in the house (not just 3 but now 6 and sometimes 7 for a while), I really enjoyed having them, and I really miss them. I liked having my brother around, and really liked having the girls around. It was fun to be able to go to what other people may think as boring, like school concerts, piano, swimming, and horseback riding lessons etc.

But with everything going on especially in the last few weeks, I haven't touched a needle, and did absolutely no stitching. I did miss it, but at the same time it was so worth not having the time to work on my projects.

Since they've been gone, things have been very quiet... I was on holidays all last week, so once they were gone, and we got home from the airport, we slowly started putting the house back in order, doing laundry - load after load, as well as changing my littlest niece's room back to the sewing room we had it as before they arrived. I also managed to make up for lost stitching time! I had a great stitching session every day since they've been gone. I've managed to make very good progess on my maple leaf as well as made pretty good progress on Elizabeth.

Here are my most recent progress pictures:

Maple leaf:

and Elizabeth:

I'm going to continue on with my maple leaf, as it does go fairly quickly - at least the stitching. I still have some back stitching on it to do, as well as a ton of french knots which I just may switch out to beads if I can find a good colour match.

Well that's it for now... I should hopefully be back to posting much more regularly again...

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