kedd, augusztus 16, 2011

that's a wrap...

After stitching this on and off for the last 3 years, 9 months and roughly 2 weeks I finally finished my antique lace sampler by SJ Designs.

It was a class project that my friend E and I started together at our local LNS, which in the mean time was sold to new owners and has now sadly closed.

Here it is all finished...

I actually finished this last week, just didn't post till now. Since finishing, as promised I was a good girl and didn't start any new projects but instead pulled out a WIP from the pile. I decided to work on Madonna Dolorosa by Solaria

Here is my progress as of Monday night. I didn't stitch on Elizabeth this week, as we had guests Sunday, and I didn't feel like switching out projects for a short stitchy session that night. Maybe I'll make progress on her next week!

I'm keeping the Madonna in the qnsaps this week still, I'm making great progress on her. But next week I will be starting something new - I joined an online mystery SAL on the istitch blog. Normally I don't join SAL were there is deadline to follow such as this one has -where you have to stitch the one part and send a picture before getting the next part of the pattern, but that is mainly becuase I can never keep up with them. This one doesn't look like it will be too big, so I'm hoping I can keep up. Now to choose my fabric and thread!

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