kedd, szeptember 27, 2011

drive by dancing and update

Just a quickie update right now...

I have a couple of pictures to share including a happy dance.

First off my progress on Lanarte's black tulips...

Then part 5 for the iStitch mystery SAL arrived and I stitched that up as well... I'm enjoying these small parts as I can actually keep up with the SAL.

And last but not least my happy dance! I finished off Elizabeth on Sunday night. I was surprised as I was super tired and didn't think I would be able to stitch very much let alone finish her, but I guess being so close made me want to continue until she was done, so I wouldn't have to wait another week to finish her off.

I'm not sure how Barbi is doing but she has smoking needles that girl, so I'm sure she is close to finishing as well. Not sure who we will stitch next but I'm leaning towards Mary Margaret and then leave Suzannah for last.

3 megjegyzés:

Kaisievic írta...

Elizabeth is a lovely finish.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Barbi írta...

Congrats on your finish! She looks great! I can hardly wait to finish mine. I love the tulip design as well, that's going to be gorgeous!

Mindi írta...

Congratulations on the Elizabeth finish, I love the corkscrew curls of her hair! Your tulip design looks like its going to be stunning.