szerda, október 12, 2011

some stitching progress

I thought that I would show off some of my progress on my Lanarte's Black Tulips...

Its been just over a week since I showed it last, and I have to say I'm made some pretty darn good progress! I had a couple of really good stitching sessions, so that helped.

I still have lots to go on this one, but it does seem to be working up quickly!

Next up will be my iStitch sal, we recieved part 6 over the weekend, so I would like to get that stitched up as soon as possible.

I'm also contemplating on starting a new project (yet again) This time it is Midnight Watch by Blackbird Designs. I've had this since it came out last year, with all the threads for it, but I can't seem to find a fabric in my stash that I like... I don't seem to have any beige-y coloured fabrics... and I don't want to do it on ivory, so I'll have to wait and see what I can find that works... so I'm not going to be starting that one right away... but it is just sitting here next to me screaming at me to start it!

Also keep an eye out, I'll be having another giveaway shortly as well...

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