hétfő, október 03, 2011

tulip update

Well not much to show on different stitching projects, only the one - Black Tulips, as that is the one I have been working on since my last update.

I am trying to get it done as fast as possible, as its a gift and I want to give it to the recipient as soon as I can. Its been sitting in my stash for far too long!

Here is where I am before starting tonight's stitching session. I have to say its coming along nicely and I am enjoying it a lot.

I'm just waiting for Barbi to finish her Elizabeth, so we can get started on the next girl in our Sunda SAL. I've got my fabric all ready, as well as my pattern and working copy all set to go. I just need to sit down and get the threads together, but that shouldn't take too long. I can hardly wait to start on Mary Margaret!

Also please don't forget about my giveaway that I'm having - you can see my previous post for more information. I see that many people have come by to take a look - so thank you, but not many have entered their names, hopefully more people will join in on the fun, but if not, then it gives those who did enter a better chance at winning! I also saw that I have a few new followers so welcome to you as well!

Can I please get the following ladies to please leave an email address:

Tracey/ph (aka Beauty Bonnet) and La Bergere Broderise

Neither of you have your email addresses in your profiles nor did you leave one in your comments. If I don't have an email address there is no way to contact you in the case you win the giveaway! :O)


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Beauty Bonnet írta...

sorry katica, i didn't realize i'd omitted by email address! i've been so busy this week i only get to skim my blog reading.. love the Black Tulip work.. anyway i put one in the new entry though.. many thanks!