szerda, november 16, 2011

another ornanament!

I found this freebie on the net sometime last year, and have always wanted to stitch it up for Christmas, but for some reason I forgot about it last year when the time came. Not so this year! Here is my Christmas pine cone and you can get the chart for yourself here: click

I picked my own colours - all DMC 561, 780, 783, 814, 815 and 895. I stitched it on white 28ct jobelan, though you can't really tell from the picture! LOL!! my wonderful talents as a photographer are really showing through on this one!

It is a very quick stitch and I think it turned out cute. I'm contemplating on stitching it a second time... but we'll see... there are so many cute ornaments that I would like to stitch, and so little time!

I've pulled out my tulips to work on, so I'll be stitching away on those for the next few days, so I'll to figure out something to blog about as well since I won't have any real stitching to show for a while.

Anyways... as always till next time.... happy stitching!!

4 megjegyzés:

Mindi írta...

I love your pinecone! Thank you for providing the link.

KaLu - Claudia írta...

its very cute! thank you for sharing the link ...it is now in my to do pile =D

Barbi írta...

I really love this one! I think I might have to consider stitching this one up too!

gloria írta...

It's very nice indeed ! I like my chart made by others, thanks for reproducing it! I much put the chart on pdf and I'll do that next week : I am sorry you couldn't see the colours properly .
have a ncie weekend, gloria