péntek, november 04, 2011

dancing to keep warm...

Brrrrr... its chilly out there... we managed to get our first dusting of snow, and really it is just a dusting for now... the temperatures aren't too bad but it is chilly. It is -6 C out there right now, and this morning with the wind it supposedly felt like -14 C. The good thing is that they say it is supposed to warm up and melt away this weekend.

Here is a shot of our garden from today...

And now on to the dancing... I decided to finish up that little halloween design I stitched the other day and made it into a scissor fob, really it is the perfect size for it... so here it is:

I also have one more little dance to show and share another ornament that I quickly stitched up... this time for the Christmas Ornament challenge!

It's one of those QR-codes that the newer phones can scan for information. The ornament itself is scanable, we tested it with my hubby, but sadly it doesn't seem to work through the comptuer screen. Once this is scanned it gives you a message that says "Merry Christmas!". I plan on making several more of these for friends and family as little gifts.

It is stitched on the same moss green 25ct lugana over 2 using DMC 310. Here is the link if you would like to make your own personalized QR-code ornament : click here

2 megjegyzés:

Blu írta...

What a clever ornie! It's so cute!

valerie írta...

Great finishes! Love the fob and that ornie is so clever!