szerda, november 09, 2011

more christmasy stuff...

I managed to stitch up another quickie ornament last night, and again it is from The Gift of Stitching magazine's November issue. It is called Christmas Rose and designed by Nancy Pederson.

Again I just used what I had in my stash, and the only modification I did was to leave off the words and date. It really was a quick stitch and quite enjoyable. I really like blackwork type patterns.

One word of warning though... for the roses I used DMC 815, however after the first rose I ran out of thread and started a new skein.... the problem came from the new skein not matching in colour! It was still a nice deep red, but lighter than the one I started with. I had to search my thread stash high and low (and let me tell you its all over the place sadly) before I found a good 12 inch length wrapped on a bobbin hiding in one of the boxes. Thankfully this little piece that I found matched the thread I started with and I could finish it up.

So be careful if you have older skeins of this colour when starting a project!

Though thinking about it after the fact... I guess I could have made each rose a different shade of red as well... maybe I'll do that if I stitch it again!

5 megjegyzés:

Nancy írta...

That is beautiful. I love the roses.

Veronica írta...

You're doing a great job on your Christmas Ornaments stitching. Lovely roses. They're my favourite flowers.


Judesign(by Judd25) írta...

Beautiful blackwork pattern, I'll stitch it also :)

Joysze írta...

I love this... it's beautiful. :D So glad to hear your found the same shade of 815.

Edo írta...

I love it! Rockstar!!!!