péntek, november 11, 2011

road trip....

Today, hubby and I went on a small road trip. We decided to go and check out the Millerville Christmas Market... considering we live only a good half hour from the place, it was our first time out there. I have heard lots about it over the years, including their summer farmer's market but as I said we had never gone before now.

There were so many people there, it was unbelievable! But it was nice. We didn't buy anything other than some food stuff from a Hungarian lady from Lethbridge - she makes good pogacsa! We were nibbling on the bag we bought so we had to go back to buy some more to bring home!

There were many lovely crafts and artian stalls there, but it was a bit on the cooler side as we went fairly late. We have a lovely snow storm warning for our fair city tonight, and you could definitely tell in the wind that winter is on its way!

Here are a few pictures of our little excursion...Please excuse the quality of the photos as we left the camera a home, and only had our phones...

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Julie írta...

Now that you describe the place it makes me want to go there. I Love fairs and markets and I go to one of them everty time I can. Last year I travelled to Argentina. The buenos aires apartment I was staying in was in the neighbourhood of Palermo that combines luxurious restaurants and shops with artisans and streer fairs. There was a beautiful one in PLaza Armenia in which I bought 3 pairs of earrings for my mom and sisters. Loved it!