hétfő, január 16, 2012

mary margaret...

Well it was Sunday yesterday and you all know what that means! Sunday SAL with Barbi!

I will admit, I didn't stitch solely on Mary Margaret yesterday, as you can see from yesterday's post I also had a happy dance. After Saturday night's stitching session, I only had some beading left to do on Holly - a good hour or two before actually finishing her, so I thought I would tackle that before starting to work on Mary Maragaret, so that is what I did. As you can see I did finish Holly, and I just love the way she turned out. I just love these Mirabilia pixies, even though this is only my second one that I've stitched, I see a lot more of them in my future! Good thing too, as I have a few in my stash just waiting to be stitched!

Now on to the reason we are here!

Though it seems like there isn't much left to do, trust me there is... that is an awful lot of ground/grass on the bottom there that still needs to be filled in, not to mention the other things and the border, but she is coming along, and each Sunday brings me closer to a happy dance!

This week, I'll be pulling out my Last Super again, and make a little more headway on that.

Don't forget that this weekend coming up is the IHSW - international hermit stitcher's weekend, and I am planning on stitching lots this time around! I have a stitchy date all set with Edith, and I'm planning on starting something new! Barbi was to join us but sadly she can't make it this time, but hopefully next stitchy date, it will be a threesome! :O)

Till next time happy stitching!!

3 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

You are doing great on MM!!! I have my eye on a few of those pixies too! Some of them are gorgeous!
Sorry I can't make it this weekend, but I will definitely for the next one :)

Joysze írta...

Looks great, Kati. Almost there and then it's time to happy dance!! :D

Happy Hermitting.

Veronica írta...

She sure is coming along beautifully.