hétfő, február 20, 2012


This weekend was the ihsw - international hermit and stitch weekend and I managed to do some of both!

Its also a long weekend here where I live, so I managed to stitch a little more today too.

I worked on two projects this weekend, I worked on Sabrina by Mirabilia and I put a few stitches into my Birds of a Feather Mystery by With My Needle and Thread.

Here are my progress pictures of them:


and Birds of a Feather

Sadly I don't have a before picture of Sabrina, before working on her this weekend other than my previous post from last Wednesday... I did have a wonderful stitching afternoon with Edith on Saturday where I worked on Sabrina and made some good progress. I continued working on her for the rest of Saturday as well as yesterday.

Birds of a Feather, I only pulled out this morning, I needed a bit of a change after all those whites and greens in Sabrina. I've managed to stitch up the second tree and bird so far today. This one is still in my qsnaps and lapstand as I plan on continuing stitching on it tonight and maybe even this week. We'll see what happens!

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missy-tannenbaum írta...

The stitched fabric is so beautiful! I love the look of the folds in it, and the lovely color, too.

Veronica írta...

Beautiful progress on Sabrina. I really love the fabric you've picked. Birds of A Feather is coming along nicely too.


Heli írta...

I love both of these projects! Great progress, looking forward to more beautiful pics when you get more done on them. :)

Edo írta...

as always beautiful! Thanks for the weekend!! :0

♥ Nia írta...

Lovely stitching :) and very nice progress on Sabrina!!

Mangogirl írta...

great progress :D