szerda, február 22, 2012

its coming...

I've starting getting things set up for anyone intersted in joining Barbi, Veronica and I in a Lizzie Kate SAL for the 6 Fat Men.

We're going to beging stitching on Monday's starting on April 9th. That gives everyone time to finish up a few things, as well as get all your supplies/materials together.

I've got my patterns but I have decided on fabric yet. I've seen this stitched on several different colours and each one is prettier than the next, so it will be a hard decsion.

I've created a separate page here on my blog for anyone who would like to join us. its located in the tabs up top. Its quite simple, if you sign up for the IHSW then you already know the drill. You just submit your link to your blog and off we go. That way there is no separate blog to join or post to, you can just post your progess to your own blog and we can all go and see!

I would like to send a great big thank you to Joysze who helped with getting this set up! A million thank!

So... if you are intersted in joining, please check out my page above, and join us!

Happy stitching!

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Veronica írta...

I've signed up :D Thanks for setting this up, Kati.


♥ Nia írta...

I love this design :) I have everything ready to stitch it too.. just need time for everything :p heheehe But I hope to start soon :) I will be following your progress! :D