szerda, február 01, 2012

a surprise and a wip or two...

I have to start out by saying that I've had the worst headache today, so bad in fact that I ended up coming home early from work... just couldn't handle sitting in front of a computer anymore...

So I came home had a nice long nap, which helped tremendously, (not to mention the extra strenght tylenols) and I found a wonderful package when I woke up. I got mail! All the way from New Zeland!!!

I was so excited to get this, and it was a total surprise as well. It was from my wonderful friend Evi, as a belated Christmas gift! It could not have come at a better time! Oh the goodies inside! So beautiful, so lovely, such a great way to fix an icky day!!!

Here is what I recieved, with a huge thank you to Evi for spoiling me so much!

- a lovely hand sewn and stitched cover for my e-reader (the striped folded fabric bag with my initial stitched on it)
- a friendship bracelet in lovely blues and browns
- some great lip balm - how did you know I was in desperate need of some!?!
- a lovely small piece of mother of pearl
- the cutest little kitty tin (I *heart* kitties) which contained the two thread rings
- a beautiful jade necklace!!! love love love it
- and last but not least the bestest hand knit mittens a girl could ask for! so nice and soft and warm! (especially with our winters)

I have been totally spoiled and I just want to thank you again for all the wonderful goodies!!! Al lof them will be put to good use!

Now for the second part of my post - my wip... I started the Birds of A Feather mystery SAL by With Thy Needle & Thread last weekend (Jan. 21) and I continued to work on it all last week. Here is where I am as of this past Saturday.

I'm stitching mine on 28ct and I think I'll have enough thread, so I've ordered some extra and am just waiting for it to arrive. I'm enjoying stitching it, the stitches seem to lie so nicely on this fabric.

This week I am working on the Last Supper, but not much progress has been made, as Monday and yesterday I spent my stitching time organizing my bobbins... something I should have done a while ago but kept putting off. I finally finished it yesterday, and now all my threads are nicely arranged in my boxes next to my stitchy spot. Now I can actually pull threads for any project and know where the DMC threads are! (instead of searching the house for them!)

I've already pulled the thread for another project - also a wip... Fairy Moon, but I think I'll be putting that one back on the back burner as last year my little niece requested that I stitch Mirabilia's Sabrina for her for her birthday... Well I didn't stitch it last year, as I just didn't have time as her sister had already asked me to stitch Sweet Pea, and with both their birthday's just weeks apart, there was no way I would be able to do both. So I'm going to start Sabrina next week and see how far I can get.

So I'm off to stitch, as I have a few fairly large projects with tight deadlines!

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Rahenna írta...

I love your SAL piece, it's so sweet and colorful. The birds are very cute. :)

Joysze írta...

What a nice gift. Birds is looking good and I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of the last supper.

helen írta...

I'm really happy to see that this pack cheered you up :) Really happy :)...