péntek, március 16, 2012

6 fat men and playing with my stash...

since the 6 fat men sal is going to starting up soon, I thought I would pull some fabric and do some floss tossing!

I took these pictures in full sunlight, so the colours may be a bit washed out but I tried to take them under my light and that didn't work out too well either...

1. SMF Hearts and Flowers - 28 ct Jubliee, a purple & pink hand dyed fabric

2. Dinkydyes green& gold Opalescent in 28ct mystery fabric- the green is sort of an olivey colour in real life

3. Zweigart Christmas Red 28ct Jubliee

4. SMF - Tumult in 28ct Jazlynn

5. Dinkydyes blue& light blue Opalescent 28ct mystery fabric

6. an unknown 28ct fabric in a light pastel purple

7. an unknown 28ct fabric in a light sky blue colour

8. Zweigart 32ct Lugana in Antique Blue

let me know which ones you like... personally I'm leaning towards either the Tumult, Antique blue or red...

also don't forget there is still lots of time to join us for the SAL! Just click on the tab at the top of my page, and it will give you all the information!

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Barbi írta...

Ii'm thinking of doing this, this weekend too. I LOVE the red!!!! and the tumult as well. But that red just pops!

Nina írta...

Én a 2-es anyagot választanám :)

Mangogirl írta...

I love the red :D the tumult is nice as well but the red is gorgeous and very christmassy :D

Ziggyeor írta...

I like the Laguna myself. If you did the red would you have to back stitch to make the snowman's sweater stand out?

I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award. You can check out the details on my blog. ;)

Anne írta...

I'm loving the tumult myself. I love that blue!!

Veronica írta...

I'm loving the Tumult. I think it would look great on it but dang, that red sure is eye-catching ^.^


Shebafudge írta...

I love the red!

I have just signed up for this as I bought the charts yesterday with my birthday money!

Is there a button I can put on my sidebar please?

sandy98221 írta...

5. Dinkydyes blue& light blue Opalescent 28ct mystery fabric.
I woould love to find a hand dyed fabric like that. So far i have a kind of blue/grey fabric for mine. Is anyone using the Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours and Gentle Sampler Threads to stitch their snowmen? If I do I will have to order all of the colors. I'll pull the DMC colors this week and make my decision. I don't have any of the specialty threads it calls for. Sandy

sandy98221 írta...
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