hétfő, március 26, 2012

Suzannah...and then some...

Well she got a little love this weekend, not much but at least I made some progress on her!

Here she is so far, or at least part of her apron!

I definitley have lots of stitching to do to catch up to Barbi!

I'm going to continue plugging along on Sabrina, I've sort gotten into a nice rhythm with her so I'll see how long it lasts.

Also don't forget that April 9th is just around the corner and that means 6 Fat Men!!! I still haven't decided on a fabric, but I'm leaning towards the Tumult, however we'll see April 9th what I actually put my first stitches into!

In one of my comments, someone -Sandy98221 asked if anyone was going to stitch it with the GAST, WDW and Crescent Colours? I'm doing mine in just DMC threads. I did change out one colour and that was the 712 to white. I still may even change that out for B5200, I'll just see how bright a white I really want.

Shebafudge asked if I had a button for the sidebar... Ummm officially no I don't but you can steal my photo that I have on my side bar and just add it to your sidebar with the picture gadget. You can add a link to that - as I have now done - linking it back to the 6 Fat Men page here on my blog.

2 megjegyzés:

Veronica írta...

She's looking good. Can't wait for the SAL to officially begin ^.^


Barbi írta...

you'll catch up in no time! Looks good! I haven't picked my fabbie on Fat Men yet either. Hopefully this weekend.