hétfő, április 30, 2012


It was my hubby's birthday on Friday so we sort of had a birthday weekend for him, including going out to the mountains on Sunday, so needless to say I didn't get too much stitching done!
But we did have a wonderful time, including a dip in the hot spring and the weather even cooperated with us!

I digress,  here is my progress for our Sunday SAL with Barbi on Suzannah!  She now has feet, and a little bit of ground that she can stand on!  Still not as far along as Barbi, but that is okay, she is coming along at her own pace.

Tonight is our 6 Fat Snowmen SAL, and I've already got it set up in my qsnaps, so that after dinner I can just sit down and stitch. I've got all the borders, and the birdhouse done, and I can now start filling in the boxes! Fun, fun, fun!  I hope everyone else has a good stitching night tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing the progress pictures in the upcoming days!

3 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

I want Suzannah to have feet next week too! I love stitching her! And the fat men! Can't wait to see which square you start on!

Edie írta...

I can hardly wait until its done!!! How's the last supper doing> ;D

Veronica írta...

Her feet are so cute. LOL! Good progress :)