hétfő, április 09, 2012

a new addition and some stitching...

What a fantatsic Easter we had, lots of relaxing and spending time with family, and just overall enjoying the lovely weather we had all weekend.

I got lots of stitching done on Sabrina, though I forgot to take a picture of my progress, so I'll save that for tomorrow...however I didn't get much done on Suzannah... here is my measley progress on her...

I'll admit I ran out of thread twice on her... once with the 780 for her apron, so I went searching for it and couldn't find a single skein in the house. So I thought I would continue with her skirt and can you believe it I ran out of 3371 last week and didn't even realize it. the one lonely strand I had left was mixed up with my black so I thought I had lots... again I went off to search, and again I came up empty handed...so I just gave up on her...

Also I was quiet tired, and decided to go to bed early. I didn't sleep that much the night before becuase of a new addition to our family! We got another kitty!!! I find it strange that I wanted to get another one so quickly after Snow White/Cica Mica left us, I mean its only been 3 weeks (and I just miss her sooo much!), but I was the one pushing to go and look at the Humane society so off we went on Saturday!

Here is our newest family memeber - Princess

Excuse the mess on our bed, she was sunning herself in the middle of our unmade bed.

Don't you just love those kitty paws! She is 10 months old and a bundle of energy! Very quiet, definitely not a talker (yet) like our other kitty was. She sleeps with us, which is a change as our other kitty used to until about 4-5 years ago, so we're not quite used to having a kitty on the bed anymore! And for the last two nights she's been sleeping with me, inbetween my feet and legs, so needless to say I haven't been sleeping that much as I'm always afraid I'm going to kick her or something, as I tend to squirm quite a bit at night!

Anyways, that is it for now! Don't forget that today is the start of our Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men SAL! Get those needles threaded and going! Its our new Monday night SAL, start where ever you like and go from there! It's never too late to join so if you missed today, that 's okay, join in whenever you're ready, just click on the 6 Fat Men tab on the top of my blog for more information!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress reports! I'll be posting mine tomorrow!

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dulcinella írta...

the new family member is a real beauty! Too bad you ran out of thread twice, I think sometimes certain colors are like socks being eaten by the washing machine:-)

Shebafudge írta...

I have no progress to post as I haven't received my fabric yet...grrrrrr.

it's so frustrating when you don't realise you have run out of thread. I needed one length of 928 on Sunday and ended up 'stealing' it from a kit as nowhere was open and I really wanted the design finished that day!

One of our cats always sleeps on my feet. There have been a few times I've turned over in the night and he has flown across the room as I didn't know he was there. He's great in winter as he keeps me toasty!

Happy stitching!

Shari írta...

I wasn't able to start yesterday...one of our grandsons is staying with us for a while & he is TOOOOOOOOO BUSY for grandma to stitch!!

Mangogirl írta...

gorgeous stitching :D