péntek, szeptember 14, 2012

hello...???? anyone there???

hello???.... (thump, thump thump) is this microphone even on???  Anyone still out there???

Well I hope so!  It seems I am back... sort of!  I had a lot going on this summer and seemed to have disappeared from both stitching and blogging... I was away mainly due to medical issues, including as you know tendonitis in my left hand...as well as other issues... no need to worry, all is well, or at least it will be soon enough!  My hand is still not 100% but it is okay for stitching and I am watching it and making sure I don't over do it either with my hand. My other issues are also being taken care of, and they will sort themselves out over time... for now I'm back to normal (as normal as I ever was)!

And somewhere along the way, I have managed to find my stitching mojo... it hit me (pretty darn hard too) over the september long weekend. I did a little here and there as you saw in my very infrequent posts, but nothing like what I've done since the long weekend.

Let me show you my progress and finishes (yes that is multiple!)

I'll start with my Sunday SAL with Barbi... I'm so very behind with everything including this one, but this past Sunday (and Monday) I basically stitched till my bum was numb!  I got lots of progress done on Suzannah... she has a top!  Still no head, but that is coming soon enough.

Next up is my Monday SAL - which I am also behind in, Eva has already finished hers!  I'm not sure how the other ladies are doing as I somewhat abandoned everyone on this, but here to make up for it, I have finished off the Let it Snow square this past Monday with another bum numbing stitching session,, and come this Monday I will be back on track with everyone!

Next up is the project that helped me find my stitching mojo, and is my new motto from now on!  Not sure if I want to frame it or have hubby make it into a pillow but it will be finished somehow so that I can always see it!
It is stitched on ivory 28ct jobelan using Nina's thread's - Rose Tea (my favourite colour)
And last but not least one more finish, as I did say I had multiple ones...
Summer by Ursula Micheal from the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine.  I have the other 2 that have been released so far in the set, and I am hoping that the winter one will be in the next issue. I've been stalking Chapters but it isn't out yet... I have to try and be patient until the 18th, when it supposedly comes out. I really enjoyed stitching it, it works up quite quickly. I like these word pictures by her so much that while surfing the internet I found a few more that she made and quickly bought those as well... so now in addition to the flower and autumn leaves in the magazines (plus what ever winter will bring - holly I hope) I have a kitty, coffee cup, tea cups, a wine bottle and a sewing machine to stitch up! I am definitely looking forward to those!
Don't forget all that this weekend is also a busy one for stitching!  Tomorrow is tusal time, and I am looking forward to finally having some thread in my ort jar to show off, not like the last two months, and it is also IHSW - its not too late to join - click here and then click on the September hermiters to sign up. I'm going there right after this is posted.
Till next time happy stitching!!!

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blue star stitcher írta...

Love the Rose-tea color on Keep Calm Stitch on. Glad you found your mojo again!

♥ Nia írta...

I'm here and still loving to watch your progress on 6 fat men :)
Enjoy your weekend! :)

Linda írta...

Hi. I love your Ursula Michael sailboat. I'm waiting for the next issue also, I am thinking of stitching them all on one piece of fabric. Can you tell me where you found the tea cups and wine bottle. I would love to get those charts.



Christine írta...

Lovely progress and finishes! Where did you find the Keep Calm design? I'd love to stitch it.

The Maiden írta...

I love the fabric for Suzannah, and Keep calm is hysterical! Great progress.

Joysze írta...

Yup!! Still here. :D

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch... LOL!! Love it. The sailboat is beautiful as well.